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[311] Bequest to an Association of Rag-dealers (undated) Mevania - Umbria

Mevania (Umbria, Italy — Pleiades map), undated
AGRW 311 = CIL XI 5047 = Waltzing 1895-1900, vol. 3, no. 1890. = AGRW ID# 4048


Marble slab with a Latin inscription between reliefs of two Corinthian columns. The decorative triptych top depicts a woman in the center panel with a swan in the panel on either side. The base has a roughly cut tenon that could be inserted into a socket.

Gaius Atticus Januarius, a freedman of Gaius Atticus, one of the Six Sacris faciundis (i.e. a priestly college) and one of the Eight Men of Valetudo, bequeathed to the association (collegium) of rag-dealers 1000 sesterces. No fewer than twelve men shall use the annual income to hold a banquet at his tomb on the festival of the Parentalia. This is in the care of the association of rag-dealers

Translation by: Kloppenborg

C(aius) Attius (mulieris) l(ibertus) | Ianuarius VIvir s(acris) f(aciundis) VIIIIvir Val(etudinis) | hic collegio suo cento|nariorum legavit HS (mille) ex | cuius reditu quod annis die parentaliorum ne minus || homines XII ad rogum suum vescerentur | cura coll(egii) cent(onariorum).

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