Associations in the Greco-Roman World (AGRW)

An expanding collection of inscriptions, papyri, and other sources in translation (run by Philip A. Harland)



Coordination of the project: Philip A. Harland (York University, Toronto), in consultation with Richard Last (Trent University), Richard S. Ascough (Queen’s University, Kingston), and John S. Kloppenborg (University of Toronto).

Website design: Philip Harland, administrator.  (WordPress theme adapted from wplook and using Advanced Custom Fields plugin.)

Data input for the website:  Richard Ascough, Maria Gullusci, Luke Hagemann, Philip Harland, Nina Kniazeva, Richard Last, Nelson Marques, Michael Martins, Victoria Muccilli, Liam O’Brien, Forrest Wilson.

How to contribute:  To contribute photos or translations to the project, please email Harland.

Contributors of photos or translations

We’d like to thank the following for generously contributing photos or translations to the project:

  • Ilias Arnaoutoglou (Academy of Athens): IG XII,8 581 (co-trans. and photo).
  • Merja Attia (Helsinki): 2 photos of painted graves from Sidon.
  • Alain Bresson (University of Chicago): INeapolis I 43.
  • Laurent Bricault (Université de Toulouse II – Le Mirail) and l’École française d’Athènes: Isis and Sarapis monuments in RICIS (photos).
  • Jason Borges (Durham Univeristy, doctoral program): photos of AGRW 134, 141, 191.
  • Sebastian Brock (University of Oxford): English translation of Gabriel of Basra’s Syriac blueprint for guild regulations (link).
  • Alan Cadwallader (Charles Sturt University, Australia): 2 photos from Istanbul Archaeological Museum.
  • Thomas Corsten (Universität Wien): 20 photographs of monuments from Bithynian Apameia, Kibyra, and Prusa by Olympos.
  • Claire Hasenohr (Université Bordeaux): IDelos 1711, 1730, 1733, 1751, 1760 (photos).
  • G. H. R. Horsley (University of New England, Armidale): RICIS 114/0202 (trans. of the Isis aretalogy from Maroneia, Thrace).
  • Christopher P. Jones (Harvard University): IEph 3214 + IEph 3334, Letters of Hadrian from Alexandria Troas (trans.)
  • Martina Kob (Académie de Montpellier, France): Photos of IDelos 1733 and 1764.
  • Birgit van der Lans (University of Bergen): many inscription translations and photos.
  • Richard Last (Trent University): data input and translations of early Christian guild inscriptions.
  • Catharine C. Lorber and Oliver D. Hoover; Rob Freeman: photos of the coin of the Dionysiac performers (link).
  • John L. McLaughlin (University of St. Michael’s College, University of Toronto): Aramaic marzeah inscriptions from Palmyra and Nabatea (trans.).
  • Jenna Patteson: photo of AGRW 330.
  • Rachel McRae (Kingston, Ontario): Ammianos Menandrianos sarcophagus from Hierapolis (photo).
  • P. Roesch Archives (care of Dr Isabelle Pernin, curator of the collection, with assistance from Fabienne Marchand, University of Fribourg): Photos of monuments from Anthedon and from Tanagra in Boiotia HiSoMA (UMR5189) – MOM, Lyon (phRP 01064, 01069, 01070).
  • Charlotte M. Roueché (King’s College London): IAph (trans. and/or photos).
  • Holger Schwarzer (Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster): SEG 29 (1979), no. 1264 and SEG 40 (1990), no. 1136, from Pergamon (photos).
  • Jonathan Ryan Stang (University of British Columbia): CIG 3068 and CIG 3069, from Teos (trans.)
  • Monika Trümper (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill): IDelos 1520, 1778, 1779 (photos).
  • Claire Tuan (France): IDelos inscriptions (many photos).