Associations in the Greco-Roman World (AGRW)

An expanding collection of inscriptions, papyri, and other sources in translation

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Richard S. Ascough, Philip A. Harland, and John S. Kloppenborg, Associations in the Greco-Roman World: A Sourcebook (Waco / Berlin: Baylor University Press / de Gruyter, 2012). Paperback, 436 pages; ISBN: 9781602583740.
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“Indispensable. A splendid resource for students at several levels, not merely in religious studies, but for anyone exploring the society and culture of the Hellenistic and Roman worlds.”
—Wayne A. Meeks, Yale University

This accessible collection of materials concerning ancient associations, guilds, synagogues, and other social-religious groups features:

  • Over 300 inscriptions and papyri in English translation from all parts of the ancient Mediterranean, particularly the Greek East
  • Over 20 inscriptions involving Jews / Judeans in the diaspora
  • Over 25 building (meeting-place) descriptions with archeological bibliography
  • Over 50 significant passages from ancient Greek, Roman, and Judean authors such as Cicero, Livy, Josephus, Philo of Alexandria, Pliny the Younger, and Lucian of Samosata
  • Hundreds of items in an annotated bibliography of scholarship (in English, German, and French) on associations
  • A resource ideal for use in courses on social, religious, or economic life in the Greco-Roman world and courses on the contexts of ancient Jewish and Christian groups.



Richard S. Ascough, Philip A. Harland, and John S. Kloppenborg, Greco-Roman Associations: Texts, Translations, and Commentary (Berlin: de Gruyter, 2011-).

Vol. 2: North Coast of the Black Sea, Asia Minor
(September 2014).

This is a multi-volume scholarly resource (with original texts and extensive commentary) arranged by geography: