Associations in the Greco-Roman World (AGRW)

An expanding collection of inscriptions, papyri, and other sources in translation (run by Philip A. Harland)

What’s new?

  • The most extensively covered areas so far are Attica, central Greece, Macedonia, the Black Sea area, Asia Minor, Greek Islands, and Egypt.


  • March: Added photos of AGRW 134, 141, and 191 courtesy of Jason Borges.
  • January: Added photos of IDelos 1733 and 1764 courtesy of Martina Kolb.


  • November: Added inscriptions and papyri regarding Idumeans at Hermoupolis Magna and Memphis Egypt.
  • June: Added the ability to search for AGRW ID# using the search box (simply type in the ID number and search).  For some reason, comments are no longer showing up on posts (but do get sent to me, so no need to worry).  I hope to fix that in the future.


  • Dec.: Added a new inscription from Kyme on initiates of Dionysos Kathegemon.  Also updates to bibliography by Ascough.


  • July: Added over 150 new items, particularly items from Egypt (drawing on GRA III) and items discussed in Group Survival in the Ancient Mediterranean (by Richard Last and Harland).


  • Dec 1: Added many new images from the British Museum (now Creative Commons).
  • Nov 30: Added two new inscriptions from Thessalonica.


  • March 27: Added several new inscriptions from the site of Herculaneum (concerning Augustales) and from the newest volume of SEG 61 (2011).
  • Feb 15: Added 12 inscriptions from Rome, including photos of each monument (by Birgit van der Lans).


  • April 6:  Added more than 20 new inscriptions involving Egyptian deities, including an extensive temple inventory relating to the Sarapis sanctuary on Delos (from RICIS, thereby completing coverage of associations in that collection).
  • March 7: Added 20 photographs from Bithynian Apameia, Kibyra, and Prusa by Olympos courtesy of Thomas Corsten.
  • March 4:  Added photographs of Roesch 1982, 91-104 courtesy of the P. Roesch Archive.
  • Feb. 26: Added numerous inscriptions from Attica (largely completing IG for this region, for a total of 107 inscriptions) and Boiotia.
  • Feb. 24:  Added numerous inscriptions pertaining to “sacrificing associates” (orgeōnes) in Athens and the Piraeus, largely completing the coverage for these groups in IG.
  • Feb. 20:  Added several inscriptions from Gerasa in the Decapolis (Greater Syria).
  • Feb. 19:  Added four new inscriptions pertaining to the society devoted to the goddess Bendis on Salamis island (off the Piraeus).  Added more inscriptions from Delos, completing those in IDelos and most from IG (for a total of 146 inscriptions from Delos alone).
  • Feb. 18:  Added dozens of horoi or mortgage marker inscriptions from Athens, Lemnos and elsewhere involving loans by associations of contributors (eranistai; search: mortgage).
  • Feb. 14: Added several Lydian inscriptions that are not available anywhere else online, including a group of “heroists” (search: ILydiaHM).
  • Feb. 12: Added several inscriptions from recent SEG volumes.
  • Feb. 6: Added dozens of inscriptions from Delos, particularly pertaining to devotees of Egyptian deities that met in Sarapis sanctuary C (“those who wear black” [melanēphoroi] and therapeutists).
  • Jan. 31: Added 14 Greek inscriptions involving brotherhoods (phratries) and synods from Neapolis in Italy.
  • Jan. 9: Added dozens of inscriptions from Delos and from various locales (from SEG) (Harland).
  • Jan. 2: Added 3 inscriptions from the Rhodian Peraia (Harland).
  • Jan. 1: Added all known 12 papyri involving “societies” (thiasoi), a relatively little attested self-designation in Egyptian papyri (search: thias Egypt) (Harland).


  • Dec. 27: Added 15 grave boundary stones from Kos (IKosB 273-287) and 10 inscriptions from Cyprus (Harland).
  • Dec. 24: Added all 20 petitions and letters from the archive of the Judeans at Herakleopolis (Heracleopolis Magna) in Egypt (link).
  • Dec. 17:  Many new politeuma inscriptions from several locales, especially Egypt (using Lüderitz 1994 as a guide); 16 new inscriptions concerning immigrant soldier associations (Cilicians, Lycians, etc.) and Dionysiac performers on Cyprus island (Harland)
  • Dec. 16: Added Gabriel blueprint (in Syriac) of regulations for craft guilds (English translation courtesy of Sebastian Brock; input and arranged by Last).
  • Dec. 15: Added Nysa’s honorary inscription for Alkibiades, which mentions his foundation of a “collegium” of Nysaian immigrants at Rome (INysaMcCabe 2).
  • Dec. 14:  Added an honorary inscription involving a corporate body of Idumeans in Memphis (OGIS 737); letters concerning a corporate body of Cretans at Tebtynis (PTebt 32); and, an honorary inscription by a synod of fellow-sacrificers devoted to Zeus Karaios and Athas in Boiotia (Roesch 1982, 91-104).
  • Dec. 13: Added 8 new inscriptions from Egypt (Ascough and Harland).
  • Dec. 11: Improved search feature to allow search of first and last portions of terms (in both Greek and English).
  • Dec. 7: Added inscription from Thera island involving honorary society membership (in a Bacchic group) for Ladamos and his family (OGIS 735; Harland).
  • Dec. 6: Added regulation from the sanctuary of Poseidon Helikonios on Samos (IG XII,6.1 168; Harland).
  • Dec. 4: Began adding links to Pleiades website for geographical data for the locale of each inscription from Asia Minor (see “Pleiades map” link in each post).
  • Nov. 27: Added inscriptions from Rhodos on Rhodes and ITomis 83, involving an association of “tree-bearers” (dendrophoroi), likely devoted to Cybele.
  • Nov. 25: Added inscriptions and information regarding associations at Tanagra in Boiotia from Marchand 2015.
  • Nov. 24:  Added date “added” and “modified” data to each item.
  • Nov. 12:  Searched and replaced many improperly formed Greek vowels with acute accents (which were hampering proper searches of the Greek even though, visually, they appeared correctly).
  • Nov 10: Added more data to descriptions of Bosporan inscriptions, including dimensions, date found, and current location (with museum inventory numbers).
  • Nov. 9: 20 new inscriptions from Aegean islands, including Lesbos, Keos, Kos, Rhodes, and Euboia (Harland)
  • June 1: This website was granted the 2015 Norman Wagner Technology Award by the Canadian Society of Biblical Studies.
  • March 23: Added a full translation of the Aba inscription from Histria (IHistria 57).
  • March 6-17: Over 67 new inscriptions from cities on Rhodes island and 10 new inscriptions from the Rhodian Peraia and from Chalke island (Harland).
  • March 12: 1 inscription from Paros island involving donations by what may be an association of women (Harland).
  • March 6: Added RSS feed of newest inscriptions to the right sidebar (at the bottom).
  • March 5: 1 new inscription involving communal burial plots in connnection with Zenon of Selge and the Hermogeneian Aphrodisiasts on Rhodes (Harland).
  • March 3: 11 new inscriptions from Macedonia (trans. Ascough).
  • March 2: 17 new inscriptions from Odessos, Tomis, and Kallatis in Moesia and Scythia (trans. Harland).
  • Feb. 26: 17 new inscriptions that were cited in the comments to GRA II (mostly from Asia Minor; trans. Harland).  Updated the translations and Greek texts for all inscriptions that appear in GRA II (thanks to Luke Hagemann’s work).
  • Feb. 23:  1 new inscription from Dia in Bithynia involving a bennos-association (trans. Harland).


  • December 18:
    • 1 new inscription from Rhodes (SEG 39 (1989), no. 737) involving a mixed immigrant association raising funds to purchase a communal burial area (trans. Harland).
  • April 5:
    • 7 new inscriptions from Macedonia (trans. Ascough; Kloppenborg).
  • March 25:
    • 12 new inscriptions from Egypt (trans. Ascough).


  • September 24:
  • July 16:
    • 3 new inscriptions from Thrace (trans. Harland)
    • 6 new inscriptions from Histria and Philippopolis in Moesia and Scythia (trans. Harland)
  • July 8:
  • July 1:
    • 14 new inscriptions from Kios, Nikaia, Nikomedia, Prusa by Olympos, Prusias by Hypios in Bithynia (trans. Harland)
    • 6 new inscriptions from Abonouteichos, Amastris, Amisos, Herakleia, and Sinope in Pontus (trans. Harland).
    • 11 new inscriptions from Anazarbos, Elaioussa Sebaste, Korykos, Hieropolis on the Pyramos, Lamos area, and Seleukeia on the Kalykadnos in Cilicia (trans. Harland).
    • 16 new inscriptions from Teos in Ionia (trans. Jonathan R. Stang [2] and Harland).
    • 9 new inscriptions from Ankyra, Neapolis, and Pessinous in Galatia (trans. Harland).
    • 9 new inscriptions from Stratonikeia in Caria (trans. Harland).
  • June 6:
    • 18 new inscriptions from Sardis and Thyatira in Lydia (trans. Harland).
    • 7 new inscriptions from Apameia Myrleia, Chalcedon, and Claudiopolis in Bithynia (trans. Harland).
    • 9 new inscriptions from Tralles in Caria (trans. Harland).
  • May 20
    • 78 new inscriptions from Magnesia in Caria; Ephesos and Miletos in Ionia; Magnesia, Philadelphia, Saittai and Sardis in Lydia; Colossae, Hierapolis and Laodikeia in Phrygia; and Lesbos island (trans. Harland).
  • May 1
    • 3 new Dionysiac inscriptions from Philadelphia in Lydia (trans. Harland).
  • March 12:
    • new inscription from the Menandrianos sarcophagus from Hierapolis (trans. Harland)
    • 32 new inscriptions from the Aegean island of Kos, including two letters of Sulla to Dionysiac performers and a curse on fellow-workers.
    • 4 new inscriptions from Soura in Lycia (trans. Harland).
    • 4 new inscriptions from Olbia on the north coast of the Black Sea (trans. Harland).
    • Added images of monuments from the plates of MAMA IV and MAMA VI (public domain in Canada).
    • Added drawings and facsimiles by Fränkel from IPergamon (public domain).
  • March 4:
    • 5 new inscriptions from Ilion area in Mysia (trans. Harland)
  • February 25:
    • 35 new inscriptions from Ionia, Lydia, Phrygia, Mysia, and Aegean islands (trans. Harland)
  • February 12
  • February 3:
    • 14 new inscriptions from Smyrna in Ionia (trans. Harland)
    • 7 new inscriptions from Ephesos in Ionia: IEph 3239, 3466a, 3808a, 3817; SEG 34 (1984), no. 1107; SEG 43 (1993), nos. 773, 774 (trans. Harland)
    • 6 new inscriptions from Palmyra in Syria (from IPalmyra) (trans. Harland).
  • January 27:
    • LSAM 48 = IMilet 8, regulations concerning a Dionysiac cult and society at Miletos (trans. Harland)
    • Added extensive bibliography on associations in the Greco-Roman world (prepared by Ascough).
  • January 23:
    • 4 new inscriptions from Tlos, including the extensive Symmasis foundation and a common grave for Judeans (trans. Harland).
    • 9 new inscriptions from Termessos in Pisidia (trans. Harland)
    • 5 photos of Bosporan graves from GGSR (public domain).
  • January 20:
    • 18 new inscriptions from Kibyra in Lycia / Phrygia, many involving associations of Roman businessmen (trans. Harland).
    • 2 new inscriptions from Knidos in Caria (trans. Harland).
  • January 14:
    • 4 new Aramaic marzeah inscriptions from Palmyra and Nabatea (trans. John L. McLaughlin).
    • 18 new inscriptions from Palmyra in Syria, primarily involving merchant caravans (trans. Harland).
    • 3 new inscriptions from Erythrai in Ionia (trans. Harland).
    • 3 new inscriptions from Iasos in Caria (trans. Harland).
  • January 1:
    • 14 new inscriptions from Pergamon in Mysia (trans. Harland).
    • 71 new inscriptions from Ephesos in Ionia (trans. Harland).


  • Dec. 15:
    • 62 new inscriptions from the Bosporan Kingdom (Southern Russia and Ukraine) (trans. Harland).
    • 12 new inscriptions from Kyzikos area in Mysia (trans. Harland).
    • 15 new inscriptions from Asia Minor and Delos involving Egyptian deities (Isis, Sarapis, and Anubis) with photos contributed by Laurent Bricault: RICIS.
  • Dec. 1: Dozens of new inscriptions from:
  • Nov: Athens and Piraeus, Attica – IG II 343 (merchants and a Sidonian immigrant), IG II 2946 (an association of Sidonians) (trans. Harland).
  • Nov: Official launch of website.
    • First contributions by other contributors (Ilias Arnaoutoglou, Charlotte M. Roueché, Christopher P. Jones, Claire Hasenohr, and Monika Trümper).
  • Sept.: Dozens of new inscriptions from Attica (primarily from GRA I; trans. Kloppenborg).
  • Sept.: New inscriptions from Thyatira in Lydia (trans. Harland).
  • June: New inscriptions from Saittai and Sardis in Lydia and Assos in Mysia (trans. Harland).
  • Jan.-Nov.: AGRW inscriptions entered into database (trans. Ascough, Harland, and Kloppenborg).