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Orphic Bone Tablets (V BCE) Olbia - Scythia and Moesia

Olbia (Scythia and Moesia, Danube and Black Sea areas — Pleiades map)
IOlbiaD 94 = M.L. West, "The Orphics of Olbia," ZPE 45 (1982) 17–29 = SEG 28:659–661 = PHI 184168  = ID# 15649



Three tiny bone tablets with graffiti scratched on them. Discovered at one of the sanctuaries at Olbia. One of the tablets refers either to “Orphic matters” or to “Orphics” as a group of people (Ὀρφικοί). See the comments on GRA 92.

(Tablet A) Life, Death, Life, Truth. Dionysos. Orphic (matters) (or: Orphics; Orphikoi)

(Tablet B) Peace, War, ǀ Truth, Falsehood, Dionysos.

(Tablet C) Dionysos, Z. Truth, Body, Soul.

Written/translated by: Harland

(Tablet A)

βίος θάνατος βίος Ζ(?) ǀ ἀλήθεια ǀ Ζα(γρεύς?) Ζ(?) ǀ Διό(νυσος) (Διο(νύσῳ) ?) Ὀρφικοί.

(Tablet B)

εἰρήνη πόλεμος ǀ ἀλήθεια ψεῦδος ǀ Διόν(υσος) (Διον(ύσῳ) ?) ǀ Α

(Tablet C)

Διό(νυσος) (Διο(νύσῳ) ?) ǀ ἀλήθεια ǀ σῶμα ψυχή ǀ Α

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