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[110] Dedication to Zeus Hypsistos (I BCE-II CE) Kyzikos area [Panormos] - Mysia and the Troad

Kyzikos area [Panormos] (Mysia and the Troad, Asia Minor — Pleiades map), I BCE-II CE
AGRW 110 = GIBM IV 1007 = IMT 1918 = M. Perdrizet, “Reliefs mysiens,” BCH 23 (1899), 592-93 (no. 1 and plate IV) = PHI 289198 = AGRW ID# 537


Slab of white marble with a triangular top (pediment) and with a three-paneled relief. The top panel depicts Zeus, Artemis and Apollo; the second panel shows a banqueting scene with six male figures; and, the bottom panel portrays four figures, namely a seated figure playing the double-flute, a nude female dancing, a nude dancing figure with a Phrygian cap and percussion instruments, and a man at the wine bowl. Thallos is likely the official of an association or of the village, but the relief suggests that an association is involved. But it is possible that no association is involved here. Marshall (in GIBM) says that "the reading τῷ χώρῳ, though the stonecutter has corrected a mistake, is certain" (p. 153, correcting the reading of Murray and refuting Ziebarth, on which see IMT 2538 on this site). Also compare the facsimiles of Murray and Marshall below.

Thallos, eponymous official, dedicated the monument to Zeus Hypsistos (“Highest”) and the village.

Translation by: Harland

Διὶ ὑ|ψίστωι κ(αὶ) | τῷ χώρῳ {ΤΩΧΩ; IMT} Θάλλος | ἐπώνυμος τὸν | τελαμῶνα ἀπέδωκα.

GIBM IV 1007: Relief from Parnormos, now in the British Museum.
© Philip A. Harland 2012.

GIBM IV 1007
Used under a Creative Commons license. © The Trustees of the British Museum


GIBM IV 1007 = IMT 1918: Facsimile by Marshall (from GIBM).
Public domain.

IMT 1918: Facsimile by A.S. Murray, “Bas-reliefs de Cyzique,” RA (1891) 10.
Public domain.

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