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Dedication to Sarapis and Isis by the Therapeutists (I BCE-I CE) Kyzikos - Mysia and the Troad

Kyzikos (Mysia and the Troad, Asia Minor — Pleiades map), I BCE-I CE
AGRW 109 = IMT 1542 = RICIS 301/0401 = SIRIS 318 = PHI 288822 = AGRW ID# 535
Copenhagen Inventory info: 1216


Plaque of marble, now in the Kestner Museum, Hannover, Germany (inv. 1871).

The therapeutists (therapeutai) who are with Andreas son of Menestratοs—Promachos son of Aristonikos, Teimon son of Menophilos, Zenon son of Meniketes, Menophilos son of Theodotos, Theodotos son of Theodotos, Dionysios son of Eisarchos, Ktesibios son of Hermonax, Zmaragdos son of Parthenios, Athenos son of Theodoros, Promachos son of Promachos, (10) Menodoros son of Menandros, Athenagoras son of Menekrates, Philoxenos son of Apollodoros, Diagoras son of Lysagoras—dedicated this to Sarapis and Isis.

Translation by: Harland

θεραπευταὶ οἱ μετὰ Ἀνδρέου τοῦ Μενεστράτου ǀ

(left column) Πρόμαχος Ἀριστονίκου, ǀ Τείμων Μηνοφίλου, ǀ Ζήνων Μηνικέτου, ǀǀ Μηνόφιλος Θεοδότου, ǀ Θεόδοτος Θεοδότου, ǀ Διονύσιος Εἰσάρχου, ǀ Κτησίβιος Ἑρμώνακτος,

(right column) Ζμάραγδος Παρθενίου, ǀ Ἀθῆνος Θεοδώρου, ǀ Πρόμαχος Προμάχου, ǀǀ Μηνόδωρος Μενάνδρου, ǀ Ἀθηναγόρας Μενεκράτου, ǀ Φιλόξενος Ἀπολλοδώρου, ǀ Διαγόρας Λυσαγόρου, ǀ Σαράπιδι Ἴσιδι.

IMT 1542.
Photo © Laurent Bricault 2005.


IMT 1542: Facsimile by J.H. Mordtmann, “Monuments relatifs au culte d’Isis Cyzique.” RA 37 (1879) 258–262, at 258.






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