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[183] Reservations in the Theater for Goldsmiths, Judeans, and Others (II-V CE) Miletos - Ionia

Miletos (Ionia, Asia Minor — Pleiades map), II-V CE
AGRW 183 = GRA 135 = IMilet 940 = SEG 4:441 and SEG 45 (1995), no. 1608-1611 = AGRW ID# 1383


Reservations inscribed on the seats in the theater in the first, second, and fourth sections on the first level. The designation “blue” here most likely refers to supporters of a particular team of competitors that wore the color blue. See further below for a photo of the bench reservations for Judeans (f).

(a) Place of the blue goldsmiths.

(b) Place of the goldsmiths.

(c) Place of the victorious goldsmiths.

(d) Place of the emperor–loving goldsmiths.

(e) Place of the younger men.

(f) Place of the Judeans who are also god–fearers

(g) God–fearer.

(h) Place of the blue Judeans (?) (εἰου̣[δ]έων or εἰοδ̣ἐων [?]).

Translation by: Harland

{a) τόπος αὐραρίων βενέτω(ν)

(b) τόπος αὐραρίω(ν)

(c) τόπος ἐπινικίων ǀ αὐραρίων

(d) τόπος φιλαǀγούστον̣ ǀ αὐραρίον

(e) τό(πος) νεωτέρων

(f) τόπος εἰουδέων τῶν καὶ θεοσεβίον

(g) θε[οσ?]εβίον

(h) βενέτων ΕΙΟ.ΕΩΝ

AGRW 183f: Reserved seating for Judeans in the theatre at Miletos.
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  • Murray Baker says:
    June 16, 2015 / Reply

    This is an absolutely wonderful site!

    For IMilet 940f (GRA 135 = AGRW 183) the in θεοεβίον is not necessary as your photo clearly shows.

  • Murray Baker says:
    June 16, 2015 / Reply

    Unfortunately the comment is not showing the brackets . . . the sigma in theosebion is clear in your photo.

  • Phil Harland says:
    July 20, 2015 / Reply

    Thanks for pointing this out, Murray. I have removed the diamond brackets (diamond brackets are tricky on the internet, since they are the main brackets used for html and are therefore ignored — I had to turn off html recognition for my Greek fields, but the comments don’t know a thing about it!).

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