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Honors by the Polykleian Boarsans for Peisikrates (?) (undated) Rhodos on Rhodes - Southeastern islands

Rhodos on Rhodes (Southeastern islands, Aegean Islands — Pleiades map), undated
IG XII,1 102 = PHI 138638 = AGRW ID# 12523
Copenhagen Inventory info: 2013


This association was likely founded by a man named Polykles or a woman named Polykleia. The meaning of Boarsans (Boarsoi) is uncertain but may refer to a village, district or neighborhood.

The association (koinon) of the Polykleian Boarsans (Boarsoi) honored with a gold crown and a bronze image Peisikrates (?) son of Peisistratos and adopted son of Nikasios because of the goodwill and pursuit of glory which he continues to have towards the association of Polykleian Boarsans.

Translation by: Harland

[τὸ κ]οινὸν τὸ Πολυκλείων Β[οαρσᾶν(?)] | ἐτίμασε | [Πεισι?]κράτη Πεισιστρά[του] | [κα]θ’ ὑοθεσίαν δὲ Νικάσιος || [χρυσ]έωι στεφάνωι καὶ εἰκόνι χα[λκέαι] | [ἀρετ]ᾶς ἕνεκα καὶ εὐνοίας κ[αὶ] | [φιλ]οδοξίας ἃν ἔχων διατελε[ῖ] | [εἰς] τ̣ὸ Πολυκλείων Βοαρσᾶν(?) κοιν[όν].

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