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Grave (frag.) for a “Brother” in a Synod (?) (100-150 CE) Pantikapaion area [Ilouraton] - Bosporan region

Pantikapaion area [Ilouraton] (Bosporan region, Danube and Black Sea areas — Pleiades map), 100-150 CE
IBosp 967 = PHI 183700 = AGRW ID# 7725
Copenhagen Inventory info: 1303


Fragment of a slab of limestone (52 x 58 x 15 cm). Now in Kerch Historical and Archaeological Museum (inv. КЛ-259). Ilouraton (Iluratum) was located southwest of Pantikapaion. If this is a grave erected by a synod, then this is another instance of fictive brother language in the associations of the Bosporan region (see IBosp 104 = AGRW 88 from Pantikapaion).

. . . set up the monument (stele) in memory of their own brother Matridoros.  Farewell!

Translation by: Harland

[— — —]ο̣υσαν τῷ ἰδ[ίῳ]|[ἀ]δε{λ}φῷ Ματρι|δώρῳ στήλην|μνήμης χάριν, || χαίρ{ε}ται {χαίρετε}.

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