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Voyage of the Ship Herakles and a Chief Merchant Shipper (II CE) Thasos - Northern islands

Thasos (Northern islands, Aegean Islands — Pleiades map), II CE
IG XII,8 581 = IG X,2 1 1041 = PHI 79786 = AGRW ID# 4474


Slab of grey marble with a widening base. Herakles is most likely the name of the ship. For similar inscriptions aiming for a good voyage (εὔπλεα) for a ship, see, for instance: IG XII,8 584-585 (also from Thasos, involving ships named after Demeter, Sarapis and Artemis) and IG V,1 1548-1549 (from Messenia, involving ships named after the Dioskouroi). Zoilos, who is designated an archikerdemporos (here translated "chief profit-making merchant"), is likely the head of a group or guild of merchant shippers based in Thessalonike / Thessalonica.

(side A)

To good fortune!  A safe voyage with good luck for Herakles from Thessalonike, the (ship) of Epiktetos and Zoilos, and for Zoilos, the chief profit-making merchant (archikerdemporos), with good luck.

(side B)

. . . (two illegible lines) for . . . the freedman of Caesar . . . Trophimos, the shipper (nauklēros), and for his fellow-sailors, may the journey be productive.

Translation by: Arnaoutoglou and Harland

(side A)
[ἀγ]αθῇ τ̣ύ̣χ̣[ῃ]· | εὔπλεα τῷ Ἡρα|κλῇ, τῷ εὐτυχῇ, | τῷ Θεσσαλονει||κεῖ, τῷ Ἐπικτή|του καὶ Ζωΐλου. | Ζωΐλῳ ἀρχικερ|δενπόρῳ εὐ|τυχῶς. ||

(side B, beginning at line 10)
[ — — — ]ιο |[ — — —κισ| — — — Και]σαριανῷ, | [— — Τρο]φίμῳ ναυκλή̣|[ρ]ῳ καὶ τοῖς συνπλέ||ουσιν̣ εἷς φορός.

IG XII,8 581 from Thasos.
Photo courtesy of Ilias Arnaoutoglou, Academy of Athens.
© Ilias Arnaoutoglou 2012.

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