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Voyage of Devotees of Zeus-Sarapis (III-I BCE) Prote island - Peloponnesos

Prote island (Peloponnesos, Greece and Macedonia — Pleiades map), III-I BCE
RICIS 102/2001 (new reading) = IG V,1 1543 (old reading) = AGRW ID# 23767


It is possible that "Dioserapitai" was the name of the ship itself, but Bricault argues that the devotees interpretation is more likely here. These are likely shippers who chose Zeus-Sarapis as patron deity.

A safe voyage (euploia) for the devotees of Zeus-Sarapis (Dioserapitai), Name. . . son of Hermodoros . . . (remainder lost).

Translation by: Harland

εὔπλοια τῶν | Διοσεραπιτῶν | Ἐρ[μ — — —] | Γ.ΟΗΔΕ τά Ἑρμοδώ||ρου τῶ εὐτυχῆ | Εὐ[— — —]

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