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Synod Personified among Agonistic Reliefs in the Theatre (205-210 CE) Hierapolis - Phrygia

Hierapolis (Phrygia, Asia Minor — Pleiades map), 205-210 CE
Tullia Ritti, Fonti letterarie ed epigrafiche (Hierapolis scavi e ricerche 1; Rome: Giorgio Bretschneider Editore, 1985) 60-74 = SEG 35 (1985), no. 1377 = AGRW ID# 10944


Block with reliefs on three sides built into the scaenae frons (the decorated structure that served as a backdrop to the stage) of the theatre (to the right of two other blocks with agonistic reliefs). The other two blocks include representations of the office of contest-director (ἀγωνο[θε]σία), of Hierapolis, and of Antoninus, Geta, Julia, and Caesar (i.e. Caracalla) (central block).

(Side A)

The relief depicts two standing women.  The first wears a helmet and holds a staff in her left hand with the inscription “Bravery” (ἀνδρεία) above.  The second woman holds a theatre mask in her left hand with the inscription “Synod” (σύνοδος) above.

(Side B)

The relief depicts a nude male athlete with another person and, likely, the inscription “Man” (ἀνή[ρ]) (?) above.

(Side C)

The relief depicts a nude male athlete with a palm branch and another standing man raising his right hand above the athlete’s head; both are beside a sacrificial scene with a cylindrical altar and burning fire with the inscription “Common sacrifice” (συνθυσί[α]) above.

Translation by: Harland

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