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Reserved Seating for Linen-workers in the North Theater (III CE) Gerasa - Decapolis

Gerasa (Decapolis, Greater Syria and the East), II CE (after 165/166)
A. Retzleff and A.M. Mjely, "Seat Inscriptions in the Odeum at Gerasa (Jerash)," BASOR 336 (2004), 37–48, at 40-41 (no. 11) = P.-L.Gauthier, (2004), nos. 1594-1611 = S. Agusta-Boularot, J. Seigne, MEFRA 116 (2004) 523-536 (no. 27-28) = SEG 54 (2004), no. 1691 (item 24) = AGRW ID# 22171
Copenhagen Inventory info: 590


One of numerous reservations on the steps and seats of the north theater, or odeum. Most other reservations date to the second century (after 165/166 CE) and are reservations for specific civic tribes (phylai). This inscription was added later (probably in the third century) and runs along the entire western and southwestern portion of the podium. The opposite, eastern portion of the podium has another inscription for the "place of the Council" (boulē).

(across the western and southwestern portion of the podium)

Place of the linen-workers (linourgoi).

Translation by: Harland

{across the western and southwestern portion of the podium} λινουργῶν ὁ τόπος.

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