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Reservations in the Odeon for Groups (II-VI CE) Aphrodisias - Caria

Aphrodisias (Caria, Asia Minor — Pleiades map), II-VI CE
IAph 2.6, IAph 2.18, and IAph 2.8 = PPA 47 = AGRW ID# 6918


These are seat reservations in the Odeon or Bouleuterion (meeting-place of the civic Council) at Aphrodisias. Only those pertaining to groups are included here.

Block B, row 5, i:     Place of the younger men (neoteroi; perhaps a gymnasium based group).

Block B, row 8:        Place of the Hebrews (Hebraioi).

Block D, row 6:       Place of the Blues (Benetoi) of the elder Hebrews.

Block E, row 1:        cross

Block E, row 5:       . . . of the Blue

Block E, row 7:       Place of the Blues.

Block E, row 9:       cross ΣΦ

Translation by: Harland

Block B, row 5, i: τόπο|ς νεοτέρω[ν]

Block B, row 8: τόπος Ἑ̣β̣ρ̣έων

Block D, row 6: τόπος Βενέτων | Ἑβρέ̣ων τῶν π̣α̣λεῶν

Block E, row 1: cross

Block E, row 5: [··] Βενέτο̣υ̣

Block E, row 7: τό|[[πός]] [[Βενέ(των)]]

Block E, row 9: cross ΣΦ

IAph 2.18: Place of the Blues of the elder Hebrews.
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(Reproduced under a Creative Commons license).

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