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Reservation for a Group of “Friends of Caesar” (98-138 CE) Philippopolis - Thrace

Philippopolis (Thrace, Danube and Black Sea areas — Pleiades map), 98-138 CE
N. Sharankov, Godišnik na Departament Sredizemnomorski i Iztočni Izsledvanija 2 (2004), 199 (figure 1) = SEG 55 (2005), no. 769 = AGRW ID# 22306
Copenhagen Inventory info: 586


Inscription engraved on the orthostates of the gallery of the theater. This reservation in the theatre is either for a group of priests in the imperial cult or for an association similar to those found elsewhere who chose imperial figures as patron deities.

Of the friends of Caesar.

Translation by: Harland


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