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Renovations to a Building for Devotees of Harthotes and Sachypsis (93 CE) Theadelpheia - Fayum region

Theadelpheia (Fayum region, Egypt — Pleiades map), 93 CE
GRA III 227 = SB I 5793 = IFayum II 121 = PHI 215963 = AGRW ID# 15251
Copenhagen Inventory info: 1493


For further discussion of such politeumata, see Lüderitz 1994.

On behalf of Emperor Caesar Domitian (erased but discernible) Augustus Germanicus, the place of the corporate body (politeuma) of the great and blessed Harthotes and the great goddess Sachypsis was reconstructed by the patron (prostatēs) Abdon when Petronius Secundus was prefect (eparchos) of Egypt.  Protarchos inscribed this. For good (fortune). Year 12 on the 12th of Pharmouthi.

Translation by: Ascough and Harland

ὑπὲρ Αὐτοκρά|τορος Καίσαρος | [[Δομιτιανοῦ]] | Σεβαστοῦ || Γερμανικοῦ | τόπος πολιτεύ|ματος Ἁρθώτου | μεγάλου μακαρί|του θεᾶς μεγίσ||της Σαχύψεως | ἀνοικοδομήθη | ἐπὶ Πετρωνίου | Σεκούνδου ἐπ|ἀρχου Αἰγύπτου || διὰ Ἄβδωνος προσ|τάτου· Πρώταρχος | ἔγραψεν· ἐπ’ ἀγαθῶι, | [(ἔτους)] ιβʹ, Φαρμοῦθι ιβʹ.

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