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Record of Bird Mummy Production by a Society (1) (79 BCE) Omboi - Upper Egypt

Omboi (Upper Egypt, Egypt — Pleiades map), 79 BCE (January 17)
SB III 6027 = OJoachim 1 = TM 7226 = AGRW ID# 20906
Copenhagen Inventory info: 644


Ostrakon (reused piece of pottery; 21 x 13 cm). Now in the Strasbourg Institut d'Égyptologie. For discussion of this society of sacred bird embalmers (mummifiers), see Sottas 1921.

In the 2nd year on the 8th of Tybi, during the reign of king Ptolemy and of queen Kleopatra, who is also known as Tryphaina the sister, Father-loving (Philopatores) deities, sacred animals (likely ibis or falcon mummies) have been prepared in the presence of Menandros the military commander (stratēgos), Kallias the manager (oikonomos), Totoes the secretary of the district, Euanthes son of Stasias, Hermias son of Kallias the manager, and the other members of the society (thiasos), for a total of 357 (mummies).

Translation by: Harland

ἔτους β, Τῦβι η, ἐπὶ βασιλέως | Πτολεμαίου καὶ βασιλισσα {βασιλίσσης} Κλεοπάτρα {Κλεοπάτρας} | η {τῆς} καὶ Τρύφαινα {Τρυφαίνης} η {τῆς} ἀδελφη {ἀδελφῆς} θεοι {θεῶν| Φιλοπά|τορος {Φιλοπα|τόρων} <Φιλαδέλφων> καθίσταται {καθέσταται} ἱερὰ ζῶια ἐπὶ Με||νάνδρου στρατηγοῦ, Καλλίου οἰκονό(μου), | Τοτοέυς {Τοτοέους} τοπογρα(μματέως), Εὐάνθου το̣ῦ̣ Στασίου, | Ἑρμίου <τοῦ Καλλίου> οἰκο(νόμου), καὶ τῶν ἄλλων θιασιτῶν, | ἀριθ(μῶι) τνζ.

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