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Record of Bird Mummy Production by a Society (4) (53 BCE) Omboi - Upper Egypt

Omboi (Upper Egypt, Egypt — Pleiades map), 53 BCE (January 27)
SB III 6929 = OJoachim 18 = TM 5669 = AGRW ID# 20916
Copenhagen Inventory info: 644


Ostrakon (reused piece of pottery). Now in the Strasbourg Institut d'Égyptologie. For discussion of this society of sacred bird embalmers (mummifiers), see Sottas 1921.

Mummification of ibises.  In the 28th year on the 24th of Tybi in the presence of Pelaias, “cousin” and military commander who is in charge of the revenues of Ombites district, Pakebkis the superintendent of the temple; Hermias son of Kallias who is in charge of the revenues, the royal secretariat, financial administration and who was priest of Thoth; all the members of the society (thiasitai); and, Kallias son of Hermias the village secretary.  Mummification of ibises and falcons: 1000.

Translation by: Harland

ταφῆς ἰβίων. | ἔτους κη, Τῦβι κδ̣, | ἐπὶ Πελαίαι συνγενεῖ καὶ | στρατηγῶι καὶ ἐπὶ τῶν προσόδων || τοῦ Ὀμβίτου, καὶ Πακήβκι ἐπιστά̣της̣ | ἱεροῦ, ἐφʼ Ἑρμίου Καλλίου ἐπὶ τῶν προσόδ(ω)ν | καὶ βασιλικων {βασιλικοῦ} γραμματεων { γραμματέως} κ̣αὶ χιρισμοῦ̣ {χειρισμοῦ} | καὶ πορθω̣την {πορθώτου}, καὶ τῶν θιασιθῶν {θιασιτῶν} πάν|των καὶ Καλλίας {Καλλίου} Ἑρμιος {Ἑρμίου} κωμογρα(μματέως) || ταφῆς ἰβίων καὶ ἱεράκων, Α.

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