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Record of Worship by a Society for Isis (8 CE) Philae - Upper Egypt

Philae (Upper Egypt, Egypt — Pleiades map), 8 CE (September 28-October 27)
GRA III 255 = IPhilae II 157 = CIG 4922 = SB I 4094 = PHI 218093 = AGRW ID# 31493
Copenhagen Inventory info: 1353


Papyrus (26 x 50 cm) now kept at the site of the temple of Isis at Philai, Egypt.

Hegeillios son of Katoulos, Parmenon son of Poseideios, Dionysiades son of Dionysiades, Dioskourides son of Eutyches, Quintus Hortesios Flavianus, Zenothemidos, society-members (thiasitai) came to worship holy Isis, remembering the households. Year 38 on the . . . xth of Paophi.

Translation by: Rebecca Runesson (with modifications)

Ἡγείλλ̣[ι]ος Κατ̣ού[λου], | Παρμένων Ποσιδηίου, | Διονυσιάδης Διονυσιάδ̣[ου], | Διοσκουρίδης Εὐτύχο[υ(?)], || Κ[ο]υίντος Ὁρτήσιος Φ[λα]|β[ια]ν̣ὸς Ζηνοθέμιδος, [θι]|α[σῶ]ται ἐλθόντες προσ[κύν]ησα[ν] | τ̣[ὴν] σ̣εμνὴν Ἶσιν, μνησ[θήντ]ες [τῶν] | οἰκ[εί]ων, (ἔτους) ληʹ Καίσαρος, Φαῶ[φὶ —ʹ].

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