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Receipt Issued by a Commander to the Dioskourikian Society (99-91 BCE) Elephantine - Upper Egypt

Elephantine (Upper Egypt, Egypt — Pleiades map), 99-91 BCE (?)
SB V 7578 = P. Jouguet and O. Guéraud, "Ostraca grecs d’Eléphantine," Aegyptus 13 (1933) 443–454, at 446 (no. 5) = TM 6237 = AGRW ID# 20942
Copenhagen Inventory info: 790


Ostrakon (reused piece of pottery). In the Cairo Egyptian Museum (inv. JdE 59216). The Diokouriakian society either pertains to a group of devotees of the Dioskouroi or a society founded or led by a man named Dioskouriakos. The commander was evidently either a permanent or temporary member / functionary in the society. The society may or may not consist of farmers who are here paying rent or tribute for the land they use.

Thrakidas son of Hierax, military commander (stratēgos) and one of the managers (oikonomoi) from the Dioskouriakian society (thiasos) in Syene and Bienchis son of Pates to the partners (metochoi), greetings.  You (plural) have paid the produce (for rent [?] or for tax [?]) for the existing, grain-producing land in Ser for the society mentioned above . . . (missing about 5 letters, perhaps some corresponding to further numbers in the hundreds or thousands) 20.5 . . .  (remainder lost).

Translation by: Harland

Θρακίδας Ἱέρακος | στρατ(ηγὸς) καὶ οἰκονομῶν | τῶν ἐκ τοῦ ἐν Σήνηι {Συήνηι} | Διοσκουριακοῦ θιάσου || Βιήγχιος {Βιήγχει} Πάτηος {Πατῆτος} καὶ τοῖς | μετόχοις χάρειν {χαίρειν}. μεμετρή|κατε τὸν φόρον τῆς ὑπαρ|χούσης γῆς σι[το]φόρου ἐν Σῆρ̣ | τῷ προγεγ[ραμ]μένῳ θιάσῳ || [ -ca.?- ] κ 𐅵 {half symbol}. [ -ca.?- ]

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