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Price Declaration of an Association of Salt-dealers (312 CE) Oxyrhynchos - Upper Egypt

Oxyrhynchos (Upper Egypt, Egypt — Pleiades map), 312 CE (May 25)
GRA III 278 = POxy LIV 3734 = TM 15238 = AGRW ID# 31540
Copenhagen Inventory info: 1393


Fragment of a papyrus (31.5 x 25.5 cm).

During the consulship of our lords, Flavius Valerius Constantinus and Licinianus Licinius, Augusti for the second time: To Valerius Heron, also called Sarapion, auditor (logistēs) of Oxyrhynchos, from the association (koinon) of salt-dealers (halopōlai) of the same city, through the agency of Ptolemaios son of Lucius, the monthly officer.  Pursuant to orders, at my own risk I am declaring below the price of the goods that I handle and I swear a divine oath not to lie. As follows: salt 1 . . . dry measure (artaba) (?) . . .  250 denarii. During the same consulship on the 30th of Pachons.

(second hand) I, Aurelius Ptolemaios, make the declaration, as indicated above.

Translation by: Richard Last, Rebecca Runesson, and Kloppenborg (with modifications)

ὑπατείας τῶ[ν δεσ]π̣[ο]τῶν ἡμῶν | Φλαυίου Οὐαλερίου Κωνσταντίνου | καὶ Λικιν̣ι̣α̣ν̣ο̣ῦ Λικινίου Σεβαστῶν τὸ β. | Οὐαλερίῳ Ἥρωνι τῷ καὶ Σαραπίωνι || λογιστῇ Ὀξυρυγχίτου | παρὰ τοῦ κοι(νοῦ) τῶν ἁλοπωλῶν τῆς | αὐτῆς π[ό]λ̣(εως) δ̣ι̣ὰ̣ Πτολεμαίου Λουκίου | μην̣ι̣ά̣ρχο̣[υ]. ἀ̣κ̣[ο]λ̣(ούθως) [το]ῖς κελευσθ(εῖσιν) ἰδίῳ | τιμήματι π̣ρ̣ο̣σ̣φ̣ωνῶ τὴν ἑξῆς τιμὴν || ὧν χει[ρ]ί̣ζω ὠνίων, καὶ ὀμνύω | τὸν̣ θεῖον ὅρκον μὴ δι|εψεῦσ̣[θ]α̣ι. | [ἔσ]τ̣ι̣ δέ̣ ―· | ἁλὸς [(ἀρτάβης)] α (δηνάρια) σν. || ὑπατείας τῆς αὐτῆς, | Παχὼν λ. | —— | (hand 2) Α̣ὐ̣ρήλι[ος] Πτολεμαῖος προσφωνῶ | ὡ̣ς̣ π̣ρ̣[όκει]τ̣αι.

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