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Price Declaration by a Association of Tavern-Keepers (312 CE) Oxyrhynchos - Upper Egypt

Oxyrhynchos (Upper Egypt, Egypt — Pleiades map), 312 CE (September 27)
GRA III 279 = POxy LIV 3740 = TM 15244 = AGRW ID# 31544
Copenhagen Inventory info: 1397


Papyrus (25 cm high) now in the Papyrology Rooms in Sackler Library at Oxford (13 1B 212-213/A(g)).

(first hand) During the consulships of our lords, Flavius Valerius Constantinus and Licinianus Licinius, Augusti for the second time. To Valerius Heron, also called Sarapion, the auditor (logistēs) of the Oxyrhynchite nome from the association (koinon) of tavern-keepers (kapēloi) of the same city through (second hand) Theodoros son of Sarapion and Diodoros son of Dionysios, our monthly presidents. (first hand) In accordance with what has been ordered, at personal cost (or at our own valuation), we declare the price of possessed products for sale which we manage and we swear the divine oath not to have lied.   . . . The price (?) . . . is as follows: Oasite wine, 1 large liquid measure (sextarius) (second hand) 75 denarii (?) (first hand) Theban wine, the Knidian type, 1 sextarius (second hand) 75 denarii (?) (first hand) During the same consulships on the 30th of Thoth. (second hand) We, Aurelii Theodoros and Diodoros, declare it to be as set forth above. I, Aurelios Horion, wrote on behalf of them because they are illiterate.

Translation by: Richard Last

ὑ(ϋπατειασ)πατείας [τῶ]ν δεσποτῶν | ἡμῶν Φλαυί(φλαυϊου)ου Οὐαλερίου | Κωνσταντίνου καὶ Λικιννιαν[ο]ῦ (Λικινιαν[ο]ῦ) | Λικινίου Σεβαστῶν τὸ β̣. || Οὐαλερίῳ Ἥ̣[ρ]ω̣ν̣ι̣ τ̣ῷ καὶ Σαρα|πίωνι λογιστῇ Ὀξυρυγχ(ίτου) | παρὰ [τοῦ] κοινοῦ τῶν καπήλω̣ν̣ | τ̣ῆ̣ς̣ [αὐτῆς] πόλεως δι(ὰ) (hand 2) ἡμῶν | Θ̣ε̣ο̣δ̣[ώρου] Σ̣α̣ρ̣α̣πίωνος καὶ̣ || Δ̣ι̣ο̣[δώρου] Δ̣ιονυσίου μη(νιαρχῶν). (hand 1) ἀκολού|θ̣ω̣[ς τοῖς κελευ]σ̣θ̣εῖσιν ἰ(ϊδ[ι]ω̣)δ[ί]ῳ̣ τι|μ̣ή̣μ̣α̣[τι προσφωνο]ῦ̣μ̣ε̣ν̣ τ̣ὴ̣ν̣ ἑ|ξ̣ῆ̣[ς τιμὴν ὧν] χιρίζομεν (χειρίζομεν) ὠνίων | κ̣[αὶ ὀμνύομεν τὸ]ν̣ θεῖον ὅρκον μὴ || ἐψε̣[ῦσθαι]. ἔστι δέ· | οἴν̣[ου Ὀα]σ̣ιτ̣ικοῦ ξ(έστου) α (δηνάρια) (hand 2) οε | (hand 1) κνι̣[δίου Θ]η̣βαϊ([θ]η̣βαϊκου)κοῦ ξ(έστου) α (δηνάρια) (hand 2) οε | (hand 1) ὑπα̣τ̣ε̣[ίας τῆ]ς αὐτῆς, Θὼθ λ. | —— | ((unintelligible)) | (hand 2) Α̣ὐ̣ρ̣ή̣[λι]οι Θ̣εόδωρος καὶ Διόδωρος || ((unintelligible)) π̣ρ̣ο̣[σ]φωνοῦμεν ὡς πρόκειται. Αὐρ(ήλιος) Ὡρί|[ων ἔ]γρ(αψα) ὑ(πὲρ) αὐτῶν γρ(άμματα) μὴ εἰδότων.

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