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Poem for Dionysos Dedicated by Dionysios (ca. 200 BCE) Piraeus - Attica

Piraeus (Attica, Greece and Macedonia — Pleiades map), ca. 200 BCE
GRA I 33 (in the comments) = IG II² 2948 = PHI 5206 = AGRW ID# 23146


Poem on a monument associated with the temple of the Dionysiasts linked to the house of Dionysios (see IG II² 1325 on this site).

This sanctuary, O Lord, Dionysios erected here for you, and a fragrant sanctuary (temenos), and statues in your likeness, and everything else, not thinking that he might increase his wealth in his home as much as to revere your customs, O Bacchos.  In return, Dionysos, be appeased and may you grant safety to his house and family, and to your entire society (thiasos).

Translation by: Kloppenborg

τόνδε νεώ σοι, ἄναξ, Διονύσιος εἵσατο τῆιδε | καὶ τέμενος θυόεν καὶ ξόαν’ εἴκελά σοι | καὶ πάντ’, οὐ πλοῦτον κρίνας πολυάργυρον αὔξειν | ἐν δόμωι ὡς τὸ σέβειν, Βάκχε, τὰ σοὶ νόμιμα. || [ἀ]νθ’ ὧν, ὦ Διόνυσ’, ὢν ἵλαος οἶκον ἅμ’ αὐτοῦ | [καὶ] γενεὴν σώιζοις πάντα τε σὸν θίασον.

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