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Oracle (frag.) Consultation by the Friends of Dionysos (II CE) Miletos area [Didyma] - Ionia

Miletos area [Didyma] (Ionia, Asia Minor — Pleiades map), II CE
IDidyma 502 = PHI 247572 = AGRW ID# 12330


This extremely fragmentary oracular answer from the god Apollo at Didyma involved a consultation by an association of "friends of Dionysos" (philodionysoi) and there is mention of the "friends" (philoi) and of a "Baccheion", the meeting-place devoted to the god Dionysos Bacchos. IDidyma 503 also contains Dionysiac references and may be related to the present association, but it is even more fragmentary.

Too fragmentary to translate.

Translation by: Harland

[οἱ φ]ιλοδιόνυσοι̣ [—] [․․]ι χρωμένῳ ἐρ[—] | ἐ[ν τ]ῷ ἔνανχος [— τῷ θε]|ῷ, εἰ, καθ’ ἃ διανοεῖ, [—] || μ̣ετὰ τῶν φίλων [— γ]|ν̣ώμην, ἣ κατὰ τὴν̣ [—] | ας· ἐστίν σοι πρω[—] | λ̣η, περὶ οὗ μέλ̣<λ>ει [—] | [δ]ὲ ἡ πρώτη γνώ[μη —] || [ο]υ ανα[․]τ[․․] ἐ̣ὰ̣ν̣ [—] | [․․] καὶ τὸν πα̣[—] | [Βα]κχείου [․․․]το[—] | [․․]αι σου [—] | [․․]σει ἐπ̣[—] || [․․] ἐ̣πισχ̣[—] | Θ̣[εὸς] ἔχ[ρησε·] | vac. | [σ]οι θνητη̣[—] | [․․]νασει[—] | [․ . ca.4․ ․]νε[—] || [․ . ca.4․ ․]ιο̣υ̣[—] | [—]

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