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Mortgage Marker for a Loan by Sacrificing Associates [2] (314/313 BCE) Hephaistia on Lemnos - Northern islands

Hephaistia on Lemnos (Northern islands, Aegean Islands — Pleiades map), 314/313 BCE
IG XII,8 21 = Finley 1951, 149 (nos. 109) = PHI 79201 = AGRW ID# 22649
Copenhagen Inventory info: 111


Horos stone. Here a group of sacrificing associates offers a loan with the debtor pledging property as a security (expressed in terms of it being "sold on condition of release" should the debt be repaid). In other words, the sale was not permanent if the loan was repaid.

Marker (horos) of a property sold on condition of release for 400 drachmas to the sacrificing associates (orgeōnes).

Translation by: Harland

ὅρος | [χ]ωρίο | πεπραμ|ένο ἐπὶ λ||ύσει ὀργ|εῶσι ΗΗΗΗ.

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