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Mortgage Marker for a Loan by Contributors to Xenokles (ca. 300 BCE) Arkesine on Amorgos - Southwestern islands

Arkesine on Amorgos (Southwestern islands, Aegean Islands — Pleiades map), 314/313 BCE
Thomsen 2015, 168-169 (new reading based on autopsy) = IG XII,7 58 = Finley 1951, no. 8, with translation on p. 102) = PHI 79201 = AGRW ID# 22652


Horos now in the Epigraphical Museum (inv. EM 11582).

Marker (horos) of the properties. . ., houses, and . . .gardens (?). . . of Xenokles in Phylincheia and of the registered securities, mortgaged to the contribution-society (eranos) with the consent of his wife Eratokrate and her lord Broukion and with Aristagoras the head of the contribution-society (archeranos) and his wife Echenike (?).   As surety for this he recorded Xenokles concerning the loan (eranos), which Aristagoras had collected in accordance with the law of the contributors (eranistai).

Translation by: Harland

ὅρος χωρίων [τῶν ἐν – –]|ρει καὶ οἰκίας καὶ κ[ήπων] | τῶν Ξενοκλέος τῶ[ν κει]|µένων ἐµ Φυλινχείαι καὶ τῶν || ἐπικυρβίων ἐνεχύρων, ὑποκει|µένων συνεπιχωρούσης τ[ῆ]ς | γυναικὸς Ἐρατοκράτης καὶ τοῦ | κυρίου Βρουκίωνος τῶ[ι] ἐράνωι | καὶ Ἀρισταγόραι τῶι ἀρχεράνωι || καὶ τῆι γυναικὶ αὐτο[ῦ] Ἐχεν[– –] | πρὸς τὴν ἐγγύαν ἣν ἐγ[ράψα] | το Ξενοκλῆν τοῦ ἐράν[ου ὃν] | συνέλεξεν Ἀρισταγόρα[ς] | [κα]τὰ τὸν νόµον τῶν ἐ[ρα]|[νισ]τῶν.

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