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Monument of Obaidu and a Society Devoted to the God Obodat (I BCE) Petra - Nabatea

Petra (Nabatea, Asia Minor — Pleiades map), likely I BCE
Gustaf Dalman, Neue Petra-Forschungen und der Heilige Felsen von Jerusalem (Leipzig: J.C. Hinrichs, 1912) 92-94 (no. 73) + correction in R. Savignac, “Chronique: notes de voyage de Suez au Sinaï et à Pétra,” Revue Biblique 10 (1913) 440 = Alpass 2011, 134 (no. 19) = AGRW ID# 9531
Copenhagen Inventory info: 601


Inscription found on the edge of the plateau behind the building called ed-Der or the Deir carved in a hollow above an empty niche (D456) that was above a chamber that may have been a large cistern (see Alpass 2011, 88-90). The Obodat of this inscription is a king of Nabatea identified as a god, either Obodat I, II or III (all of whom are dated to the I BCE). For further discussion of the cult of Obodat / Obodas, see Avraham Negev, J. Naveh, and S. Shaked, "Obodas the God," Israel Exploration Journal 36, 1/2 (1986) 56–60. See also CIS II 476, which makes mention of a head of a banqueting-society (marzeah) at Petra. For further discussion of the marzeah and for bibliography, see, most recently, McLaughlin 2001, 35-64 and Kaizer 2002, 213-260.

May Obaidu son of Waqihel be remembered and his companions (haberim), the banqueting-society (marzeah) of Obodat the god.

Translation by: John L. McLaughlin

דכיר עבידו בר וקיהאל

וחברוהי מרזח עבדת


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