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Membership List of an Association of Women (212-300 CE) Ulpiana - Scythia and Moesia

Ulpiana (Scythia and Moesia, Greece and Macedonia — Pleiades map), 212-300 CE
F.F.-Gruénais and F. Teichner, ZPE 188 (2014), 275-283, at 277 = AGRW ID# 24944


Two fragments of a tablet (35 x 25.5 x 2 cm and 9 x 4.8 x 2 cm). Twelve names of women (identified as wives) are mentioned, and the presence of the title of "mother" (for Aurelia Bazis) suggests this may be an ongoing association or collegium, as Feraudi-Gruénais also suggests (ZPE 188 [2014], 279). For another "collegium of women" (mulierum) see also CIL VI 10423, from Rome.

Names of . . . married (?) . . . women: Aurelia Bazis, “mother” (meter), wife of Name . . . ; Aurelia Victorina, wife of Name . . .; Aurelia Sissisi, wife of Zenobius; Aurelia Gunas, wife of Apollo; Aurelia Ursula, wife of Julian; Aurelia Fortunata, wife of Aepb(?). . .; Aurelia Silvina, wife of Mun . . .; Antonia Prisca, wife of Alexander; Aurelia Mamades, wife of Silvanus (?); Ulpia Graptilla, wife of Celer; Clodia Justa, wife of Natus; Aurelia Bonas, wife of Name . . .

Translation by: Richard Last

Nomina mulieroru(m) [nuptarum(?)] | Aurelia Bazis mater SP[---] | Aurel(i)a Victorina A[---] | Aurel(i)a Sissis Zen[obi] || Aurel(i)a Gunas Apo[lloni] | Aurelia Ursula Iulian[i] | Aurelia Fortunata AEPB[---] | Aurelia Silvina MVC[---] | Antonia Prisca Alexa[ndri] || Aurelia Mamades Silv[ini] | Ulpia Graptil(l)a Celeri[s] | Clodia Iusta Nati | Aurelia Bonas Crist[---]

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