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Membership List of a Sacred Association (400-350 BCE) Thespiai - Boeotia

Thespiai (Boeotia, Greece and Macedonia — Pleiades map), 400-350 B.C.E
IThesp 313 = Roesch 1982, 138-142 (no. 17) = BCH 50 (1926) 401-403 (no. 18) = SEG 32 (1982), no. 503 = PHI 315191 = AGRW ID# 20397
Copenhagen Inventory info: 980


Part of a cylindrical base of beige limestone (58 cm high x 46 cm diameter). Roesch suggests that this association may be devoted to the poet Thamyris (hence θαμυριδδόντων = θαμυρίζοντες). However, Angelos Chaniotis rightly points out that the proper form for this would be Θαμυρισταί rather than θαμυρίζοντες (see EBGR [2006], no. 142). Instead, Chaniotis suggests that this refers to a specific leadership function taken on by the two names that immediately follow (rather than a designation for the entire group). There were 22 members in this group.

When Menandros was leader of the sacred rites (hierarchēs), the thamyrizers (thamyriddontes = thamyrizontes) were Pisandros and Damokles; the holy ones (hagiomenoi) were Smikrion, Kalliadaos, Aristolas, Pouthon, Hismeinodoros, Polykleitos, Boutheiros, Nakoudes, Aristolaos, Smikrion, Pisidikos, Plistias, Drekon, Ptoiotimos, Permichos, Echelaos, Mnasithios, Name. . ., Xenokritos.

Translation by: Harland

Μενάνδρω ἱα[ρ]αρχίοντος, | θαμυριδδόντων | Πισάνδρω, | Δαμοκλεῖος, || ἁγιομένων Σμικρίωνος, | Καλλιάδαο, Ἀριστολάϊος, | Πούθωνος, Ἱσμεινοδώρω, | Πολυκλείτω, Βουθείρω, | Ναυκουδῖος, Ἀριστολάω, || Σμικρίωνος, Πισιδίκω, | Πλιστίαο, Δρέκοντος, | Πτωϊοτίμω, Περμίχω, | Ἐχέλαο, Μνασιθίω, | ․․․․․ιος, Ξε̣ν̣οκ[ρί]τ̣ω. || vac.

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