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Membership List of a Dionysiac Company (III CE) Philippi - Macedonia

Philippi (Macedonia, Greece and Macedonia), III CE
IThessN, pp. 106-107 (note 18) = IPhilippi II 166a/G945 = SEG 56 (2006), no. 735 = AGRW ID# 22371
Copenhagen Inventory info: 706


Rock-cut inscription at the foot of the acropolis. The second part of the inscription which lists further names is still unpublished. The presence of a "cowherd" suggests that the group may be devoted to the god Dionysos.

Under the leader of the company (speirarchēs) Kaipataipos (?) Mountanos, the chief-member (archigallaros; precise meaning unknown) Varinius Alcimus, the member (gallaros) Cornelius Proclus, under the ancient-initiate Aurelius Gaius, Aurelius Philippos the member, Valerius Zipas, Oppios Herodes the member, Aurelius Philippos the member, Kattios Technikos the member, Marius Kerdon the cowherd (boukolos) . . . (more unpublished names arranged in columns follow according to Nigdelis, who did not publish the remaining lines).

Translation by: Harland

ὑπὸ σπιράρχην | ΚΑΙΠΑΤΑΙΠΟΝ | Μουντανόν, | ἀρχιγάλλαρον || Βαρ(ίνιον) Ἄλκιμον | καὶ γάλλαρον | Κορ(νήλιον) vac. Πρόκλον· | vac. || ὑπὸ παλεομύστην Αὐρ(ήλιον) Γάϊον, | Αὐρ(ήλιος) Φίλιππος γάλ(λαρος), Οὐα(λέριος) Ζιπας, | Ὄππι(ος) Ἡρώδης γάλ(λαρος), Αὐρ(ήλιος) Φίλιπ|πος γάλ(λαρος), Κάττ(ιος) Τεχνικὸς || γάλ(λαρος), Μάρι(ος) Κέρδων βουκόλος, | {more names follow, arranged in columns}

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