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Dedication of a Meeting Place for a Synod of Geese-Breeders (102 BCE) Theadelpheia - Fayum region

Theadelpheia (Fayum region, Egypt — Pleiades map), 102 BCE (?) (March 7)
SB III 6254 = IFayum II 109 = PHI 215951 = AGRW ID# 15236
Copenhagen Inventory info: 63


Column of limestone found in the temple of Pnepheros in Theadelpheia.

On behalf of Queen Cleopatra and King Ptolemy, Philomater (“mother-loving”) and Philopater (“father-loving”) gods, the place of the synod (synodos) of geese-breeders (chēnoboskoi) was dedicated in year 15, on the 21st of Mechir.

Translation by: Ascough and Harland

ὑπὲρ β̣ασιλίσσης | Κλεο̣π̣ά[τρα]ς̣ κ̣[αὶ βασι]|λέω̣ς̣ [Πτολεμαί]|ου, θεῶν [Φιλομητό]||ρ̣ων̣ καὶ [Φ]ι̣λ̣ο̣π̣ατ[όρων], | τ̣όπ̣ος συνόδ̣ο̣υ̣ | χηνοβοσκῶν· | (ἔτους) ι̣ε̣ʹ, Με[χεὶρ] καʹ.

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