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Dedication of a Meeting Place for Farmers (79 BCE) Euhemereia - Fayum region

Euhemereia (Fayum region, Egypt — Pleiades map), 79 BCE (April 21)
IFayum II 134 = PHI 215976 = AGRW ID# 15244
Copenhagen Inventory info: 65


Slab of limestone decorated with a relief of the crocodile god (53 x 40 x 20 cm). Found in 1925 and held in the collectino of Elkan N. Adler (in London).

On behalf of king Ptolemy, Philopater (“Father-loving”) and Philadelphos (“Brother-loving”), god, the place of the synod (synodos) of farmers of their own land (i.e. in contrast to publicly owned lands) whose supervisor (epimelētēs) was Aphrodisios son of Kephalas and Paous, who succeeded him with the oath (?).  Year 2, Pharmouthi 12.

Translation by: Ascough

ὑπὲρ βασιλέως Πτολε|μαίου θεοῦ Φιλοπάτο|ρος καὶ Φιλαδέ̣λ̣φου, τόπος συνόδου γεωργῶν || ἰδίων, Ἀπ̣[ολ]λ̣ωνίου̣ κ̣ωμ̣ο|γραμματέως καὶ Διδύ̣μ̣ου̣ τοῦ υἱοῦ καὶ Ἰσιδώρου ἀ̣δελ|φοῦ, ὧν ἐπιμελητὴς̣ Ἀφροδί|σ̣ιος Κεφαλᾶτος καὶ Παοῦς || διαδεχόμενος τὴν εὐχήν· | (ἔτους) βʹ, Φαρμοῦθι ιβʹ.

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