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Loan Agreement between the Judeans Apollonios and Sostratos (182 BCE) Krokodilopolis - Fayum region

Krokodilopolis (Fayum region, Egypt — Pleiades map), 182 BCE (November 4)
PTebt III 817 = CPJ I 23 = SB I 4232 = TM 5396 = AGRW ID# 25361


Two papyrus fragments with a loan agreement. Now in the Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley.

This agreement took place in the 24th year of the reign of Ptolemy son of Ptolemy and Arsinoe, Father-loving gods, when the priest of Alexander, of the Brother gods, of the Benefactor gods, of the Father-loving gods and of the Manifest gods was officiating in Alexandria, when the prize-winner (athlophoros) of Berenike Euergetis was officiating in Alexandria, when the basket-bearer (kanephoros) of Brother-loving Arsinoe was officiating in Alexandria, and when the priestess of Father-loving Arsinoe was officiating at Alexandria, on the 28th of the month of Dystros, being the 28th of Thoth, in Krokodilopolis in the Arsinoites district (nome).

Apollonios son of Protogenes, Judean of the descent, has loaned to Sostratos son of Neoptolemos, Judean of the descent, 2 talents and 3,000 drachmas of copper money with interest included (or, less likely: without interest) for one year from the date written above upon offering as security the house, courtyard, and all the adjacent areas belonging to him that are located at Apias in the division of Themistes.  These measure twenty cubits from south to north and twenty cubits from west to east, and the adjacent areas border the house of Sopatra on the south, border streets on the north and east, and border the house of Harpalos and (another [?]) Sostratos on the west.  These were offered to them as security (?) on the date written above.  Sostratos is to repay this loan to Apollonios within the year.  If he does not repay it as written here, it is lawful for Apollonios to seize the security in keeping with the law. Sostratos is to guarantee to Apollonios this security and offer it unencumbered, unpledged, unliable for another debt, and free from royal payments.  If he does not guarantee it or offer it as written here, or if any sort of damage occurs to the whole or to a part of this security, Sostratos is to repay this debt to Apollonios promptly within the year.  If he does not repay it as written here, Sostratos is to promptly repay to Apollonios the loan plus an additional half as well as overtime interest at the rate of two drachmas per mina per month.  This agreement is to be valid everywhere.

(second hand): Through Boubakes also called Stheneos.

(third hand): Apollonios, about 35 years old, tall, fair, with rather bright eyes and ears that stick out.  Sostratos, about 35 years old, of middle height, fair, . . ., with a scar over his right eyebrow.

Translation by: Harland

{front side [recto]}, column 1
{front side [recto]}, column 2
βασιλεύοντος Πτολεμαίου τοῦ Πτολεμαίου καὶ Ἀρσινόης θεῶν | Φιλοπατόρων ἔτους τετάρτου καὶ εἰκοστοῦ ἐφʼ ἱερέως τοῦ ὄντος | ἐν Ἀλεξανδρείαι Ἀλεξάνδρου καὶ θεῶν Ἀδελφῶν καὶ θεῶν Εὐερ|γετῶν καὶ θεῶν Φιλοπατόρων καὶ θεῶν Ἐπιφανῶν, ἀθλοφόρου || Βερενίκης Εὐεργέτιδος τῆς οὔσης ἐν Ἀλεξανδρείαι, κανηφόρου | Ἀρσινόης Φιλαδέλφου τῆς οὔσης ἐν Ἀλεξανδρείαι, ἱερείας Ἀρσινόης | Φιλοπάτ[ο]ρος τῆς οὔσης ἐν Ἀλεξανδρείαι, μηνὸς Δύστρου ὀγδόηι | καὶ εἰκάδι Θωὺθ ὀγδόηι καὶ εἰκάδι, ἐν Κροκοδίλων πόλει τοῦ Ἀρσινοΐ|του νομοῦ. ἐδάνεισεν Ἀπολλώνιος Πρωτογένου Ἰουδαῖος τῆς ἐπι||γ[ο]νῆς Σωστράτωι Νεοπτολέμου Ἰουδαίωι τῆς ἐπιγονῆς χαλκοῦ | νομίσματος τάλαντα δύο καὶ δραχμὰς τρισχιλίας ἄτοκα εἰς | ἐνιαυτὸν ἀπὸ τοῦ προγεγραμμένου χρόνου ἐπὶ ὑποθήκηι τῆι | ὑπαρχούσηι αὐτῶι οἰκίαι καὶ αὐλῆι καὶ τοῖς συγκυροῦσι πᾶσι τοῖς οὖσιν ἐν Ἀπιάδι τῆς Θεμίστου μερίδος, ὧν μέτρα νότου ἐπὶ βορρᾶ[ν] || πήχεις εἴκοσι , λιβὸς ἐπʼ ἀπηλιώτην πήχεις εἴκοσι , γείτονες δ̣[ὲ] | [ν]ότου Σωπάτρας οἰκία, βορρᾶ καὶ ἀπηλιώτου ῥύμαι, λιβὸς Ἁρπάλο̣[υ] | [κ]αὶ Σωστράτου οἰκία, < > αὐτοῖς ἐν τῶι προγεγραμμένωι χρόνωι. τὸ δὲ | [δ]άνειον τοῦτο ἀποδότω Σώστρατος Ἀπολλωνίωι ἐν τῶι ἐνιαυ[τῶι], | [ἐ]ὰν δὲ μὴ ἀποδῶι καθὰ γέγραπται, ἐξέστω Ἀπολλωνίωι ἐπικα||[τ]αβολὴν ποιήσασθαι τῆς ὑποθήκης ἀκολούθως τῶι διαγράμματι. | βεβαιούτω δὲ Σώστρατος Ἀπολλωνίωι τὴν ὑποθήκην ταύτη[ν] | καὶ παρεχέσθω αὐτὴν ἀνέπαφον καὶ ἀνενεχύραστον καὶ ἀνεπι|δάνειστον ἄλλου δανείου καὶ καθαρὰν ἀπὸ βασιλικῶν. ἐὰν δὲ μὴ | βεβαιοῖ ἢ μὴ παρέχηται καθὰ γέγραπται ἢ κίνδυνός τις γένη||ται περὶ τὴν ὑποθήκην ταύτην ἤ̣τ̣ο̣ι̣ περὶ πᾶσαν ἢ μέρος | αὐτῆς τρόπωι ὡιποτοῦν <ᾡποτοῦν>, ἀποδότω Σώστρατος Ἀπολλωνίωι | τὸ δάνειον τοῦτο ἐντὸς τοῦ ἐνιαυτοῦ παραχρῆμα. ἐὰν δὲ μὴ ἀπο|δῶι καθὰ γέγραπται, ἀποτεισάτω Σώστρατος Ἀπολλωνίωι παραχρῆμα τὸ δάνειον ἡμιόλιον καὶ τοῦ ὑπερπεσόντος || χρόνου τόκον ὡς ἐγ <ἐκ> δύο δραχμῶν τῆι μνᾶι τὸν μῆνα ἕκαστ[ον]. | ἡ συγγραφὴ ἥδε κυρία ἔστω πανταχοῦ.
{second hand} διὰ Βουβάκου τοῦ καὶ̣ Σ̣θ̣ενέ̣ου καλουμένου.
{third hand} Ἀπολλώνιος ὡς (ἐτῶν) λε εὐμεγ(έθης) μελίχ[ρ(ως)] | ὑποχάρο(ψ) ὦτʼ ἀφεσ(τηκότα). | Σώστρατος ὡς (ἐτῶν) λε μέσ(ος) μελίχρ(ως) επ[ ̣ ̣ ̣]( ) | [ -ca.?- οὔ]λ̣[ὴ ὑ]πὲρ ὀφρὺν δεξιά̣ν̣.
{reverse side [verso]}
{second hand} [ -ca.?- Πε]τ̣οσῖρις Πεκύσιος | [ -ca.?- ] κα̣ὶ̣ Πεβρίχι. | {first hand hand?} δ.

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