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List of Priests, Priestesses and Fellow-initiates (imperial era) Stratonikeia - Caria

Stratonikeia (Caria, Asia Minor — Pleiades map), undated
IStratonikeia 845 + 846 = Georges Cousin, "Voyage en Carie," BCH 24 (1900) 24–69, at 35-36 (no. 845) = PHI 262516 = AGRW ID# 12772


Monument from the area of the sanctuary of Apollo Koliorgeus (according to Cousin). It is not clear whether these initiates were part of an ongoing association, and the inscription does not state what god or goddess was the focus of these mysteries (although Apollo is an option here). Those labelled fellow-initiates here may also be official functionaries alongside a priest and priestess in the sanctuary. Koliorga, Panamara, and Hierokometes were all districts or subdivisions within the territory of Stratonikeia.

The priest, Theoxenos son of Philiskos and grandson of Hetairos from Hierokometes; the priestess, Damostrate daughter of Chrysogonos from Koliorga; the fellow-initiates (synmystai), Philiskos and Chrysogonos (i.e. the fathers of the priest and priestess).

The priest, Damonikos son of Herodes from Panamara; the priestess, Stratonike daughter of Menedemos from Koliorga; the fellow-initiate, Herodes, his (i.e. Damonikos’) son.

Translation by: Harland

{IStratonikeia 845:} ἱερεὺς | Θεόξενος | Φιλίσκου τοῦ | Ἑταίρου Ἱε(ροκωμήτης), || ἱέρηα | Δαμοστρά|τη Χρυσο|γόνου Κο(λιοργίς), | σύνμυστα[ι] || Φιλίσκος κα[ὶ] | Χρυσόγο|νος. | {IStratonikeia 846:} ἱερεύς | Δαμόνικος || Ἡρώδου Πα(ναμαρεύς), | ἰέρηα | Στρατονίκη | Μενεδήμο[υ] | Κο(λιοργίς), || συνμύστης | Ἡρώδης | ὁ υἱός.

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