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List of Members and Functionaries in an Association (?) (III CE) Ephesos - Ionia

Ephesos (Ionia, Asia Minor — Pleiades map), III CE
SEG 34 (1984), no. 1095 = B. Iplikçioglu and D. Knibbe, "Neue Inschriften aus Ephesos IX," JÖAI 55 (1984) 141-142 (inv. 4367) = PHI 248374 = AGRW ID# 9404


This may be a list of members in an association headed by a magistrate (a leadership term common in Latin inscriptions involving collegia), with other functionaries including a sacred functionary of some sort.

Julia Theodora II daughter of Claudius Eph . . ., Claudius Julius Eunous son of Claudius Onesimos, Julia Dionysiane daughter of Gaius Julius Dionysios, Titus Flavius Moschianos, magistrate (magistōr = magister), son of Titus Flavius Flavianus, sacred functionary (hierosynē).

Translation by: Harland

Ἰουλ(ία)∙ Θεοδώρα∙ γʹ ∙ θυ(γάτηρ) Κλ(αυδίου) Ἐφε[․․․]νοῦ. | Κλαύ(διος)∙ Ἰού(λιος)∙ Εὔνους∙ υἱὸς∙ Κλαυ(δίου) Ὀνησίμου. | Ἰουλί(α)∙ Διονυσιαν(ὴ) ∙ θυ(γάτηρ) Γα(ΐου) Ἰουλ(ίου) Διονυσίου. | Τίτος Φλάβ(ιος) Μοσχιανός, μαγίστωρ || Τίτου Φλαβ(ίου) Φλαβιανοῦ ἱεροσύνῃ.

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