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[127] List of Fountains Used by Mystery Associations, a Synagogue, and Others (ca. 200 CE) Sardis - Lydia

Sardis (Lydia, Asia Minor — Pleiades map), ca. 200 CE
AGRW 127 = ISardBR 17 = IJO II 53 = PHI 263128 = AGRW ID# 206


Slab seen in 1874 in the vicinity of the agora (110 x 65 x 14 cm).

… and to whomever …  the water (?) … is being apportioned… The fountain opposite (?) … the gymnasium of the elders’ council (gerousia); … the fountain opposite (?) … the two mystery–halls; the fountain of Domitia, five hundred liquid measures (500–chous; i.e. about 1640 litres); the fountain of Name…; the fountain of Lenaeitis near the … ; the fountain of the mystery–hall of Attis opposite … and flowing (?) … into Zeus’s sanctuary; … the fountain (?) … of the synagogue …; the fountain near the Odeion, three hundred liquid measures (i.e. about 984 litres); … the fountain of (?) … near the two storey–building of the … which also has (10) towers, two four–amphorae measures (i.e. about 208 litres); the fountain of the guard–house which is on the descending road of the marketplace near … sends water; the fountain from the reservoir …; the fountain of Lysimachos (?), three hundred liquid measures; the fountain of … Name near the Menogeneion, three hundred liquid measures; the fountain … of Arsinoe (?); … the fountain flowing (?) … from the Arsinoean fountain near Men’s sanctuary; the fountain in … which is near the gate; the fountains which Rufus and Lepidus … built (?) … (20) Aurelia Julia … the fountain of … Name, two four–amphorae measures; the fountain built by (?) Asinnius … one four–amphorae measure (about 104 litres)… Flavius Secundus (?) …

Translation by: Harland

καὶ ὅσοις ἀπενεμ[ήθη ὕδωρ· κρήνη] ǀ γυμνασίῳ γερουσι[ακῷ ἐναντία· κρήνη] ǀ μυστηρίοις δυσὶ[ν ἐναντία· κρήνη] ǀ Δομιτίας, (ἑκατοντά)χ(ους) εʹ· κρήνη Ε̣[ Name — ca.12 —]· ǀǀ κρήνη Ληναεῖτ(ις) πρὸς τοῖς [— ca.10 —]· ǀ κρήνη μυστηρίῳ Ἄττει ἐνα̣[ντία ἀπόρρυ]ǀτος εἰς τὸ Διός· συναγωγῆ[ς κρήνη —]· ǀ κρήνη πρὸς τῷ Ὠδείῳ, (ἑκατοντά)χ(ους) γʹ· <γ̣> [κρήνη — Name —]ǀτου πρὸς τῇ διστέγῳ τῆς [ — ca.6 — οὗ καὶ] ǀǀ πύργοι, (τετρ)ά(μφορα) βʹ· ἀνδροφυλακίο[υ κρήνη ἣ ἐπὶ] ǀ τῇ καθόδῳ ἀγορᾶς πρὸς τ̣[— ca.8 — ὕδωρ] ǀ πέμπει· κρήνη ἐν τοῖς [— ca.13 — Name]ǀρίου· vac. ἀπὸ ὑδρείο[υ κρήνη — · κρήνη Λυσι(?)]ǀμάχου, (ἑκατοντά)χ(ους) γʹ· κρήνη Π[ Name — ca.10 — πρὸς τῷ] ǀǀ Μηνογενείῳ, (ἑκατοντά)χ(ους) γʹ· κρή[νη Ἀρσινόης(?) —]· ǀ ἀπὸ τῆς Ἀρσινόης κρ[ήνη ἀπόρρυτος] ǀ περὶ τὸ Μηνός· κρήνη ἐ[ν — ca.12 — Name] ǀ τοῦ πρὸς τῇ πύλῃ· κρ[ῆναι ἃς κατεσκεύασαν] ǀ Ῥοῦφος καὶ Λέπιδο[ς, — · — ca.14 — Name]· ǀǀ Αὐρηλία Ἰουλία Μηνο[—, — · — ca.13 — Name ]ǀδρα, (τετρ)ά(μφορα) βʹ· Ἀσίννιος Μ[— — ca.15 — —]ǀνος, (τετρ)ά(μφορον) αʹ· Φλ Σεκ[— ca.18 —]

ISardBR 17: Facsimile by Hirschfeld from ISardBR 17.
Public domain.


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