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List of Donations for a Bacchic Feast (II-I BCE) Magnesia on the Maeander area [Söke] - Caria

Magnesia on the Maeander area [Söke] (Caria, Asia Minor — Pleiades map), II-I BCE
SEG 31 (1981), no. 983 = PHI 253091 = AGRW ID# 12159


Block of marble found in the Fevsipaşa quarter of Söke (located between Magnesia on the Maeander and Priene; 75 x 40 x 40 cm). The metrētēs was about 9 imperial gallons or 40 litres.

… provided sufficient wine previously … he had promised … x metrētai  … Name son of Protomachos provided sufficient wine; he had promised 100 metrētai (i.e. 100 x 40 litres = 4000 litres).  Dionysios son of Dionysios provided sufficient wine, cooks, and musicians (10) for the banquet and … x choinikes (a choinix was about 1 kg) of bread. … Poseidonios son of Menandros by adoption, son of Andron by birth, and grandson of Epikouros has promised to the fellow–bacchants (synbakchoi) 160 cistophoric coins to purchase the place for the Bacchic festival.

Translation by: Kloppenborg

[— παρ]ǀ[έ]ξειν δὲ καὶ οἶνον [τ]ὸν [ἱκανὸν] ǀ ἀπὸ πρωΐθεν Σ[․ca.1–2․]ΝΩ προε[πηγ]ǀγείλατο με(τρητὰς) vac. ǀǀ [․ . ca. 3 ․]αγόρας Πρωτομάχου ǀ [παρέ]ξειν δὲ καὶ οἶνον τὸν ἱκανὸ[ν] ǀ vac. προεπηγγείλατο με(τρητὰς) ρʹ ǀ [Διονύ]σιος Διονυσίου παρέξει[ν] ǀ [καὶ ο]ἶνον τὸν ἱκανὸν καὶ μαγε[ι]ǀ[ρικοὺς] ἐργάτας καὶ μουσικ[οὺς] ǀǀ [τῷ ἀρί]στωι ἄρτων χοίνικα[ς] ǀ vac. ΚΙΛΛΟΥ vac. ǀ [Ποσε]ιδώνιος Μενάνǀ[δρου,] φύσει δὲ Ἄνδρωνο[ς] ǀ [τοῦ Ἐ]πικούρου, ἐπηνγείλ[α]ǀǀ[το το]ῖς συνβάκχοις εἰς τὸ[ν] ǀ [ἀγορ]ασμὸν τοῦ προσκειǀ[μένου] τῷ βακχικῷ τόπου κισǀ[τοφόρ]ους ἑκατὸν ἑξήκον[τα].

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