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List of Contributors and Members of the Heroists (?) (II BCE) Koloe area - Lydia

Koloe area (Lydia, Asia Minor — Pleiades map), II BCE
ILydiaHM 97 = AGRW ID# 22601


Slab of marble with triangular top (pediment) and mouldings between the acroteria; there is a wreath in relief above the inscription itself (159 x 52 x 14 cm). Found east of Kiraz (ancient Koloe) at a site now called Çayağzı (in the Kayster river valley), along with ILydiaHM 96. Now in Ödemiş Museum (inv. 1839). This list of "contributors" (or, less likely, "symbol-bearers" in processions) includes two members of the heroists (sons of Stratonike) who posthumously honored the priestess Stratonike (see ILydiaHM 96 on this site). It is likely that our present inscription lists the 64 members of that same association who have, on this occasion contributed funds for the group's sacrificial activities. If these are two different groups, which is less likely, then it seems that Harpalos and Athenodoros (the sons of Stratonike in the other inscription) were members of both the heroists and another association consisting of a mixture of immigrants (from various relatively local villages or fortress-settlements and from further afield, including Tarsos in Cilicia). The presence of persons with Macedonian names may suggest that some members (including Harpalos, Attalos, Antipatros, Krateros, and Nikanor) were descendents of Macedonian military settlers. Several other names are local to this part of Asia Minor (e.g. Maiandros) and two (Ammidoalis and Katadroupos) are otherwise unattested indigenous (?) names, to my knowledge. For the interpretation of symbolēphoroi as "contributors" (followed in the translation here), see C.P. Jones, "A Hellenistic Cult-Association," Chiron 38 (2008) 202–204.

(column A, with a wreath at the top between the columns)

List of the contributors (synbolēphoroi = symbolēphoroi; or, possibly: symbol-bearers in processions): Harpalos son of Harpalos, Athenodoros son of Harpalos, Hedylos son of Antiphanes.

From Troketta: Aristomenes son of Timotheos and his brother Hermogenes, Andron son of Attalos.

From Kireikome: (10) Metrodoros son of Herakleides.

From Kanateichos: Menekrates son of Menekrates, Olympichos son of Demetrios, Herakleides son of Andronikos, Hermokles son of Eikadios, Menelaos son of Krateros and his brother Krateros,  Lareissaios son of Menelaos.

From Algeiza: (20) Andronikos son of Athenagoras, Herakleides son of Aristokrates, Menis son of Menophanes, Herodes son of Andronikos, Dionysios son of Metrodoros, Hermolaos son of Apollodotos, Ploution son of Hermolaos, Hermolaos son of Apollonios, Metrodoros son of Xenon.

From Daplata (?): (30) Asklapion son of Artemon and his brother Theogenes, Moschion son of Menekrates, Hermolaos son of Menis.

From Agreikome: Apollonios son of Menekrates.

From Tauoukome: Menekrates son of Menandros, Menekrates son of Hephaiston.

From Saltroukome: Menis son of Dionysios, (column B) (40) Demetrios son of Bianor, Diogenes son of Diogenes.

From Tarsos: Metrodoros son of Heraklides, Iatrokles son of Menekrates, Hermolaos son of Menodotos, Menandros son of Apollonios, Leukippos son of Metrodoros, Pamphilos son of Menandros, (50) Menandros son of Herodes.

From Sia (or: Sioi [?]): Ploutarchos son of Asklepiades, Athenagoras son of Menogenes, Ariston son of Maiandrios, Aspasios son of Hermokles, Aristodemos son of Maiandrios, Athenagoras son of Aspasios, Apollonios son of Ploutarchos, Antimachos son of Menekrates, (60) Antipatros son of Herodotos.

From Ampsyra: Aratos son of Menandros.

From Dareda: Chaireas son of Dionysios, Herodes son of Chaireas, Metras son of Menekrates, Apollonios son of Menekrates.

From Oauroe: Alkimos son of Herakleides.

(70) From Diginda: Dionysios son of Ploution.

From Oekrada: Thallos son of Nikanor, Hipponeikos son of Hipponeikos, Athenaios son of Athenaios, Menes son of Ammidoalis, Menes son of Kerdon, Menekrates son of Katadroupos, Menas son of Menis, (80) Isidoros son of Diogenes.

Translation by: Harland

{column A, with a wreath at the top between the columns} γραφὴ συνβοληφόρων· | Ἅρπαλος Ἁρπάλου, | Ἀθηνόδωρος Ἁρπάλου, | Ἡδύλος Ἁντιφάνου. || Τροκεττων· | Ἀριστομένης Τιμοθέου, | ἁδελφός· Ἑρμογένης, | Ἄνδρων vac. Ἀττάλου. Κιρεικώμης· || Μητρόδωρος Ἡρακλείδου. | Κανατείχους· | Μενεκράτης Μενεκράτου, | Ὀλυμπιχος Δημητρίου, | Ἡρακλείδης Ἀνδρονίκου, || Ἑρμοκλῆς vac. Εἰκαδίου, | Μενέλαος vac. Κρατέρου, | ἀδελφός· vac. Κράτερος, | Λαρεισαῖος vac. Μενελάου. | Ἀλγείζων· || Ἀνδρόνικος Ἀθηναγόρου, | Ἡρακλείδης Ἀριστοκράτου, | Μῆνις vac. Μηνοφάνου, | Ἡρώιδης vac. Ἀνδρονίκου, | Διονύσιος vac. Μητροδώρου, || Ἑρμόλαος vac. Ἀπολλοδότου, | Πλουτίων vac. Ἑρμολάου, | Ἑρμόλαος vac. ᾿Απολλονίου, | Μητρόδωρος vac. Χένωνος, | Δαπλατων·|| Ἀσκλαπίων vac. Ἀρτεμωνος, | ἀδελφός· vac. Θεογένης, | Μοσχίων vac. Μενεκράτου, | Ἑρμόλαος vac. Μήνιδος. | Ἀγρεικώμης· || Ἀπολλώνιος vac. Μενεκ̣ράτου. | Ταυρουκώμης· | Μενεκράτης vac. Μενάνδρου, | Μενεκράτης vac. Ἡφαιστίωνος. | Σαλτρουκώμης· || Μῆνις vac. Διονυσίου, | vac. ||

{column B, starting at line 40} vac. | Δημήτριος Βιάνορος, | Διογένης Διογένου. | Ταρσοῦ· | Μητρόδωρος Ἡρακλίδου {Ἡρα{ρα}κλίδου}, || Ἰατροκλῆς Μενεκράτου, | Ἑρμόλαος Μηνοδότου, | Μένανδρος Ἀπολλωνίου, | Λεύκιππος Μητροδώρου, | Πάμφιλος Μενάνδρου, || Μένανδρος Ἡρώιδου. | Σιων· | Π⟨λ⟩ούτ⟨α⟩ρχος Ἀσκληπιάδου, | Ἀθηνα⟨γ⟩όρας Μηνογένου, | Ἀρίστων vac. Μαιανδρίου, ||Ἀσπάσιος vac. Ἑρμοκ⟨λ⟩έους | Ἀριστόδημος Μαιανδρίου, | Ἀθηναγόρας vac. Ἀσπασίου, | Ἀπολλώνιος Πλουτάρχου, | Ἀντίμαχος vac. Μενεκράτου, || Ἀντίπατρος vac. Ἡροδότου. | Αμψυρων· | Ἄρατος vac. Μενάνδρου. | Δαρεδων· | Χαιρέας Διονυσίου, || Ἡρώδης vac. Χαιρέου, | Μητρᾶς vac. Μενεκράτου, | Ἀπολλώνιος Μενεκράτου. | Οαυροης· | Ἄλκιμος Ἡρακλείδου. || Διγινδων· | Διονύσιος Πλουτίωνος. | Οεκ̣ρ⟨α⟩δων· | Θάλλος Νικάνορος, | Ἱππόνεικος Ἱππονείκου, || Ἀθήναιος Ἀθηναίου, | Μένης Αμμιδοαλιδος, | Μένης vac. Κέρδωνος, | Μενεκράτης Καταδρουπο[υ], | Μηνᾶς vac. Μήνιδος, || Ἰσίδωρος Διογένου.

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