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Regulation (frag.) for Sacrifices in the Sanctuary of Poseidon Helikonios (300-250 BCE) Samos - Northern islands

Samos (Northern islands, Aegean Islands — Pleiades map), 300-250 BCE
IG XII,6.1 168 = LSCG 122 = ISamosMcCabe 1 = PHI 343930 = AGRW ID# 17885


Slab of blue marble (16 x 35 x 9.5 cm; letter height: 0.5 cm). This regulation (often included under the scholarly designation "sacred law") pertains to sacrifices that took place in the sanctuary of Poseidon Helikonios in connection with sub-divisions of the citizen body. Several other inscriptions from Samos show that other sub-groups and associations of initiates participated in the activities of this same sanctuary (see IG XII,6.1 132, 466, 467 on this site).

The elected legislators (nomographoi) have introduced the following concerning . . . sacrifice (?) in the sanctuary of Helikonios (Helikonion): The monthly officers (epimēnioi)–appointed by members of the sub-division (chiliastys) . . . as responsible for sacrifice (?) . . . and for the meeting (synodos) which takes place in the sanctuary of Helikonios–shall, if they remain, serve as monthly officer but, if they go abroad, those they leave behind in their place should be responsible concerning these matters. . . . But if (?) . . . any of those putting themselves forward persuade the members of their sub-division, . . . . each one is to serve as monthly officer (?) . . . for the members of his sub-division.  But, on the other hand, if anyone is elected or . . . makes a promise but does not serve as monthly officer (?) . . . , let that one be charged 200 drachmas by the temple officials (neōpoioi) . . . (about half of a line missing) . . . and of the monthly officers who publish . . . (remainder missing).

Translation by: Harland

[vac. τάδε] εἰσήνεγκαν οἱ αἱρεθέντ̣[ες νομο]γράφοι περὶ τῆς ἐν Ἑλικωνίωι | [θυσίας· τοὺ]ς ἀποδεικνυμένους ὑπὸ τῶν χιλιαστήρων ἐπιμηνίους τῆς | [θυσίας καὶ τ]ῆς συνόδου τῆς ἐν Ἑλικωνίωι γινομένης ἐπιμηνιεύειν ἐὰν | [ἐνδημῶσιν, ἐ]ὰν δὲ ἀποδημῶσιν, οὓς ἂν καταλίπωσιν <ἀνθ’> αὑτῶν κυρίους κατὰ || [ταὐτά· ἐὰν δὲ] αὐτεπάγγελτοί τινες πείσωσι τοὺς αὑτῶν χιλιαστῆρας, | [ἐπιμηνιεύειν ἕκαστ]ο̣ν τοῖς αὑτοῦ χιλιαστῆρσι· ἂν δὲ αἱρεθείς τις ἢ αὐτὸς | [ἐπαγγειλάμενος μὴ ἐπιμηνιε]ύσηι, εἰσπραχθήτω δραχμὰς διακοσίας ὑπὸ τῶν νε̣|[ωποιῶν— — —]ων καὶ τ[ῶν ἐπι]μηνίων τῶν συναποδει[χθέντων] | [— — —]

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