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Honors (?) by Stall Keepers, Merchants, and Roman Settlers (I-II CE) Ilion area [Abydos] - Mysia and the Troad

Ilion area [Abydos] (Mysia and the Troad, Asia Minor — Pleiades map), I-II CE
IMT 74 = IGLAM 1743n = PHI 287563 = AGRW ID# 11083


Abydos was located north of Ilion, opposite the island of Sestos.

(In crowns:)

The People of the Dardaneans.

The People of the Abydenians.

The stall-keepers (skēnitai) and merchants (ergastai).

The Romans who are in Ilion.

Translation by: Harland

{in crowns:} | ὁ δῆμος ὁ | Δαρδανέων. | ὁ δῆμος ὁ | Ἀβιδηνῶν. || οἱ σκηνεῖ|τα<ι> καὶ ἐργασ[ταί]. | [οἱ] Ῥωμαῖοι οἱ | ἐν Εἰ<λ>ίῳ.

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