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Honors by Resident Romans and the People for Philemon (I CE) Laodikeia on the Lykos - Phrygia

Laodikeia on the Lykos (Phrygia, Asia Minor — Pleiades map), I CE
ILaodikLyk 48 = IPhrygR 2 = PHI 272033 = AGRW ID# 12151


Four slabs of white limestone (170 x 120 + 73 + 96 + 99 x 40; letter height: 9 cm).

(Latin) For M. Sestius Philemon, Sacco, freedman.

(Greek) For M. Sestius Philemon, Sacco, freedman.

(in a crown) The Romans.

(in a crown) The People.

Translation by: Harland

M. Sestio Philemoni Sacco liber[tus]. | Μάρκῳ Σηστίῳ Φιλήμονι Σάκκων ἀπελεύ[θερος]. | {in a crown:} οἱ Ῥωμαῖοι. | {in a crown:} ὁ δῆμος.

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