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Grave of Trophimos Prepared by Elders and Roman Settlers from Prusa (I-II CE) Hadrianoi - Mysia and the Troad

Hadrianoi (Mysia and the Troad, Asia Minor — Pleiades map), I-II CE
IHadrianoi 95 = IMT 2695 = IPrusaOlymp 229 = PHI 278719 = AGRW ID# 10987


Twelve fragments of a slab of marble found near the ancient cemetery of Hadrianoi (60 x 105 x 16). The Trophimos in this inscription may be identified with the Trophimos who prepared a grave with an epigram for his family (IHadrianoi 94) and who was given funerary honors by the People of Prusa (IHadrianoi 96).

(column 1, below a crown)

The elders’ organization (gerousia)of the Prusians honored Trophimos, who has lived in a decent manner.

(column 2, below a crown)

The Romans engaged in business (pragmateuomenoi) in Prusa honored Trophimos. . .

Translation by: Harland


{crown} ἡ Πρου[σ]αέων | γερουσία ἐτεί|μησεν Τρόφι|μον ζήσαντα || κοσμίως.

(column 2)

{crown}οἱ πραγματευ|όμενοι ἐν Προ[ύ]|σῃ Ῥομαῖοι {Ῥωμαῖοι} ἐτε[ί]|μησαν Τρόφι||μον [—]

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