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Honours by Clothing-Cleaners for the Equestrian Egnatius Quartus (late I-II CE) Temenouthyrai - Phrygia

Temenouthyrai (Phrygia, Asia Minor — Pleiades map), late I-II CE
AE (1977), no. 802 = Anonymous, "Chronique des fouilles et découvertes archéologiques dans l’orient hellénique," BCH 48 (1924) 446–515, at 510-511 = Waltzing, no. 143 = SEG 6, no. 167 = PHI 272559 = AGRW ID# 12805


Large statue base reused in a fountain.

To good fortune!  The guild (synergasia) of fullers (gnapheis) honoured their own benefactor, Lucius Egnatius Quartus son of Lucius of the Teretina tribe, prefect (eparchos) of the second Claudia cohort, presiding over the Augusta Gemina wing of cavalry, tribune of the eighth Augusta legion, prefect of the Augusta wing of cavalry, founder, and friend of the homeland.

Translation by: Harland

ἀγαθῇ τύχη. ǀ Λ(ούκιον) Ἐγνάτιον, Λουκίου ǀ υἱόν, Τηρητείνᾳ, Κούǀαρτον, ἔπαρχον ǀǀ σπείρης βʹ ǀ Κλαυδίας, ἐπάνω εἴǀλης ἱππέων Σεβασǀτῆς Διδύμου, χειλ[ί]ǀαρχον λεγιῶνος ηʹ ǀǀ Αὐγούστης, ἔπαρǀχον εἴλης ἱππέων ǀ Αὐγούστης, κτίστην ǀ καὶ φιλόπατριν· ǀ ἡ τῶν γναφέων ǀǀ συνεργασία τὸν ǀ αὑτῶν εὐεργέǀτην.

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