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Honors by a Brotherhood for Alkimos (151 or 136 BCE) Abonouteichos - Pontus

Abonouteichos (Pontus, Asia Minor — Pleiades map), 151 or 136 BCE
T. Reinach, BE in REG 17 (1904) 252 = T. Reinach, "A Stele from Abonuteichos," The Numismatic Chronicle and Journal of the Royal Numismatic Society 5 (1905) 113-119 = PHI 265392 = AGRW ID# 13191
Copenhagen Inventory info: 645


Slab of white marble with a gable decorated with acroteria and a rose. If this is dated by the Seleucid era (which began in 311 BCE), then this inscription dates to 151 BCE. If it is dated by the Bithynian-Pontic era (which began in 297 BCE), then it dates to 136 BCE. It is not clear whether the phratra in this inscription is a sub-division of the civic body (e.g. a sub-group within a tribe) or an association of another kind.

To good fortune.  During the kingship of Mithradates Euergetes in the 161st year in the month of Dios, the members of the brotherhood (phratores) resolved on the proposal of Daipos son of Kriton, who was priest: Whereas Alkimos son of Menophilos, commander (stratēgos; either a commander of the Pontic kingdom or of the city), has been honored by the association with a gold crown.  And whereas, acknowledging our gratitude with numerous honors and benefactions, he has increased the brotherhood (phratra) and has also presented them with 200 silver drachmas and given gold crowns to several of the elders (presbyteroi).   The members of the brotherhood resolved to both praise him and to write in the law of the members of the brotherhood the following:  not only to make public proclamations of crowns at the current time for him and perpetual commendations according to what was resolved, but also from our descendants forever; to take the initiative in showing the same love of humanity towards him and his descendants; and, to have Matrios write this decree on a monument of white stone and to set it up near the temple of Zeus Poarinos (“of the Pastures”).

Translation by: Harland

ἀγαθῆι τύχηι· βασιλεύοντος Μι|θραδάτου Εὐεργέτου ἔτους αξρʹ | μηνὸς Δίου· ἔδοξεν φράτορσιν· Δάιπ|ος Κρίτωνος ἱερατεύων εἶπεν· ἐ||πειδὴ Ἄλκιμος Μηνοφίλου στρατη|γὸς, τιμηθεὶς ὑπὸ τοῦ κοινοῦ χρυ|σῶι στεφάνωι, ἀποδεξάμενος τὴν | χάριτα πολλαπλασίοσι τιμαῖς | [κ]αὶ ἐπ<ι>δόσεσιν <η>ὔξησεν τὴν φρά||[τρ]αν, προσεπιστεφανώσας καὶ | ἀργυρίου {τε} δραχ. σʹ καί τινας τῶν | πρεσβυτέρων χρυσοῖς στεφά|νοις· δεδόχθαι τοῖς φράτορσιν ἐ|παινέσαι τε αὐτὸν, καὶ προσγράψαι || τῶι τῶν φρατόρων νόμωι ——πρὸς τὸ μὴ | μόνον ἐπὶ τῆς νῦν ἡλικίας τάς τε | τῶν στεφάνων ἀναγορεύσεις καὶ | ἐπαίνων ἀεὶ συντελεῖν κατὰ τὸ δο|χθὲν, ἀλλὰ καὶ παρὰ τῶν ἐγγόνων || διὰ τέλους—— τὰ αὐτὰ φιλάνθρωπα ὑπάρ|χειν αὐτῶι τε καὶ τοῖς ἐγγόνοις αὐ|τοῦ, γραφῆναι τε τὸ ψήφισμα τοῦτο | διὰ Μάτριος εἰστήλην {εἰς στήλην} λευκόλιθον | καὶ ἀναθεῖναι αὐτὴν πρὸς τῶι τοῦ || Διὸς Ποαρινοῦ ἱερῶι.

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