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Honors (frag.) by the Aphrodisiasts (?) for a Memphite (undated) Rhodos on Rhodes - Southeastern islands

Rhodos on Rhodes (Southeastern islands, Aegean Islands — Pleiades map), undated
IG XII,1 955 = PHI 139507 = AGRW ID# 15135
Copenhagen Inventory info: 2008


Block of blue marble found in a garden wall on the road from Rhodos to Amphidou. The honoree was likely from Memphis in Egypt, perhaps implying that the association also consisted of Egyptian or other immigrants.

Name . . . from Memphis . . . has been honored by (?) . . . the association (koinon) of . . . Aphrodite-devotees (Aphrodisiastai [?]).

Translation by: Harland

[τοῦ δεῖνος] Μεμφίτ[α] | [τιμαθέντος ὑπὸ] τοῦ κοινο[ῦ] | [τ]οῦ [Ἀ]φρ[οδισιαστᾶν].

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