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Honors (frag.) by Devotees Founded by Sosigenes for Athenagoras (100-50 BCE) Rhodian Peraia [Idyma] - Caria

Rhodian Peraia [Idyma] (Caria, Asia Minor — Pleiades map), 100-50 BCE
IRhodPerBlümel 604 = PHI 283091 = AGRW ID# 21054


Fragment of a round altar (55 cm high). This association was likely a group of devotees of a deity whose name is now missing. The group was likely founded by a man named Sosigenes.

On behalf of Athanagoras son of Myonides (?), Rhodian, the Sosigeneian association (koinon) of . . . the devotees of Deity (?) . . .  set this up because of his benefaction to them.  This was dedicated to the gods.

Translation by: Harland

ὑπὲρ | Ἀθαναγόρα Μ[υωνίδευς?] | Ῥοδ̣ί[ο]υ̣ | τὸ κοινὸν τῶ[ν — — —] || Σωσιγενείω[ν] | ε̣ὐεργεσίας [ἕνεκεν τῆς] | εἰς αὐτούς· | θε[οῖς].

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