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Honors (frag.) by a Merchant Caravan for a Leader from Forath (140 CE) Palmyra - Syria and Phoenicia

Palmyra (Syria and Phoenicia, Greater Syria and the East — Pleiades map), 140 CE
IPalmyra 246 = IOriente 90 = PHI 314533 = AGRW ID# 9108


Six fragments of a monument on location in the market (agora) of Palmyra (A 1055 + A 1070). On the typical caravan routes used by Palmyrene merchants, see the description of IOriente 83.

This is the statue of Name son of Name (?). . . son of Alexandros, who is a leader (archonta) (?) . . . of Forath near Spasinou Charax (i.e. in the kingdom of Charakene).  The caravan (synodia) with Malku, son of Azizu, which accompanied him from Charax to Palmyra to Vologesias set this up in his honor in the 451st year in the month of Gorpiaios.

(Palmyrene translation follows).

Translation by: Harland

[ {τὸν δεῖνα τοῦ δεῖνος} ] | [τοῦ Ἀ]λεξάνδ[ρου, ἄρχοντα] | [Φορ]αθων τῆς περ[ὶ Σπασίνου] | [Χά]ρακα· ἡ μετὰ Μαλχο[υ τοῦ] || [Ἁζ]είζου παραγενομένη | ἀπ[ὸ τ]οῦ Χάρακος εἰς Παλμυρα | (καὶ) Ὀλογαισιαν συνοδία, τειμῆς | ἕνεκεν, ἔτους ανυʹ | μηνὸς Γορπιαίου. {Palmyrene translation}

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