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Dedication by Romans for the People of Apameia (54-55 CE) Apameia Kelainai - Phrygia

Apameia Kelainai (Phrygia, Asia Minor — Pleiades map), 54-55 CE
IGR IV 792 = IPhrygR 290 = PHI 272489 = AGRW ID# 6103


The Romans who here dedicate a structure for the Apameians are most likely also members of the association of Roman settlers attested in many other inscriptions at Apameia.

This was dedicated as sacred to the People of Apamea by Lucius Munatius Tertius son of Lucius of the Camilia tribe (i.e. a voting tribe at the city of Rome), Lucius Atilius Proclus son of Lucius of the Palatina tribe, Publius Carulius Pollion son of Marcus of the Collina tribe, Marcus Viccius Rufus son of Marcus of the Teretina tribe, and Marcus Porcius Onesimon.  Construction was begun by the foremost Romans in the 130th year from their own resources.

Translation by: Harland

Δῆμον τὸν Ἀπαμέων | καθιέρωσαν | Λεύκιος Μουνάτιος Λευ|κίου υἱὸ<ς> Καμιλία Τέρτιο[ς], || Λεύκιος Ἀτίλιος Λευκίου | υἱὸς Παλατίνα Πρόκλος, | Πόπλιος Καρουίλιος Μάρκου | υἱὸς Κολλίνα Πωλλίων, | Μᾶρκος Οὐίκκιος Μάρκου υἱὸς || Τηρητίνα Ῥοῦφος, | Μᾶρκος Πόρκιος Ὀνησιμίων, | ἄρξαντες ἐν τῷ λʹ καὶ ρʹ ἔτι {ἔτει} Ῥω|μαῖοι πρώτως, ἐκ τῶν ἰδίων

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