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Honors for Augustianus the Dancer Involving a Synod (166-180 CE) Thyatira - Lydia

Thyatira (Lydia, Asia Minor — Pleiades map), 166-180 CE
TAM V 1016 = IGR IV 1272 = PHI 264447 = AGRW ID# 13007


Base of blue marble found in 1891 (119 x 60 x 55 cm).

The emperor-loving and glorious Council of the Thyatirans honored from its own resources Ulpius Augustianus, who is also called Paris, a dancer (orchēstēs), Antiochian, and Tapezountian, who is held in esteem for his most noble character and praised for the virtue of his way of life.  He has visited the city and has beautified it by performing his tragic, rhythmic dance for the pious, triumphant festival of the greatest and unconquerable emperors when Marcus Julius Alexandros was secretary (grammateus) of the synod (synodos) for the second time.

Translation by: Harland

ἡ φ̣[ιλοσ]έ̣βαστος καὶ | εὐδοκιμωτάτη{ι} Θυατει|ρηνῶν βουλὴ ἐτίμησεν | ἐκ τῶν ἑαυτῆς πόρων Οὔλ||πιον Αὐγουστιανὸν τὸν καὶ | Πάριν, ὀρχηστὴν Ἀντιοχέα | καὶ Τραπεζούντιον ἔνδο|ξον ἐπί τε ἤθους σεμνότη|τι καὶ τρόπου ἐπεικείᾳ ἐπαι||νούμενον, ἐπιδημήσαντα | τῇ πόλει καὶ συνκοσμήσαν|τα διὰ τῆς τραγικῆς ἐνρύ|θμου κεινήσεως ἐπιτετελεσ|μένας ὑπὲρ εὐσεβείας τῶν || μεγίστων καὶ ἀνεικήτων | αὐτοκρατόρων ἐπινεικί|ους | ἑορτὰς ἐπὶ γραμματέως τῆς | συνόδου βʹ Μά. Ἰουλίου Ἀλεξάν||δρου.

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